100000 people are out of stock! Bitcoin playing heartbeat again?

1. Nature’s “money printing machine”! Zhongfu Shanquan, founder of Nongfu mountain spring, dominates Asia. On January 4, the share price of Nongfu mountain spring rose 10.38% on the Hong Kong stock market and closed at HK $60.60/share. Its total market value reached HK $681.5 billion (about RMB 568 billion), a new record since its listing. At the same time, the founder of Nongfu mountain spring, Zhong fan, also became the most dazzling new star in the recent Forbes list, becoming the “winner” of that day. Comment: today, the company’s share price continues to rise sharply, and its value has risen again! In addition to the myth of Nongfu mountain spring’s wealth making, the Wantai creature controlled by Zhong Fu also brought him huge wealth. In April 2020, Wantai bio landed on the science and technology innovation board, and its share price soared. In the eight months of listing, Wantai biological has harvested 34 trading limit boards, with an annual increase of 2230% in 2020, ranking first among the new shares in the year. Under the layout of “left hand mineral water and right hand vaccine”, there is still potential for growth in future! 2. 100000 people are out of stock! Bitcoin playing heartbeat again? Bitcoin’s “roller coaster” tragedy! Affected by the fluctuation of bitcoin price, in the last 24 hours, 100000 people have burst their positions due to highly leveraged trading, with an accumulated amount of RMB 9.8 billion. Comment: the investors who broke their positions were long or short with high leverage in contract trading, and more than half of them were short bitcoin. According to relevant people, the overall volume of bitcoin is still very small, and there is still 10 times more room for growth to reach the scale of the same magnitude as gold. With a large number of institutions for asset allocation starting to “hoard money”, bitcoin has actually entered a deflationary state. I believe many investors have heard of bitcoin, but few can really understand what it is. Since you don’t understand it, don’t blindly participate. 3. A day deal 297 sets! Second hand houses are too popular here! The average price is close to 50000 yuan. In the national house price ranking in December 2020, Xiamen ranked fourth, the only city in the top five except for the first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The average price of second-hand houses in Xiamen is close to 50000 yuan per square meter. Comment: Xiamen is mainly divided into inside and outside the island. On the other hand, the island is relatively stable, showing a trend of differentiation. The main reason is that the demolition of villages in the city has released a lot of purchasing power. The release of two children has led to the increase of school-age children, and the demand for school district housing is increasing. In addition, Xiamen’s urban attractiveness makes people from nearby cities such as Zhangzhou and Quanzhou buy more houses in Xiamen. In 2020, the whole real estate market presents a V-shaped reversal trend, while the overall trend of real estate stocks is not strong, there is no way, after all, policy restrictions, but from a medium-term point of view, the certainty of the two leading players is relatively high. Disclaimer: the content of this article only represents the teacher’s personal views, for exchange and learning, please do not use it as investment decision. Hongxuetang is not responsible for anyone’s investment behavior. Stock market has risk, investment should be cautious! Pay attention to the official wechat of hongxuetang (hongxuetang001) and get more wonderful comments from famous teachers!

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