115 dollars to buy Lamborghini? Bitcoin make your dreams come true!

115 dollars to buy Lamborghini? Bitcoin make your dreams come true!

Peter Sasddington (PeterSaddington) is the co-founder of a company called VINWIN, his personal experience, through the use of cryptographic currencies, such as bitcoin, you can buy unbelievable valuables like Lamborghini.

Sasddington tells him how to investment from November 2011 bitcoin to buy luxury car experience in a October interview.

Sasddington made his first investment in the bitcoin price of $2.52. He is honest, he was almost killed by investment is a blind cat mouse, did not know this thing really can make money.

“I don’t believe in 2011 actually bitcoin can earn a lot of money for me, I hadn’t thought about. This is a risky proposition, I was more than I had planned the actual investment investment. “He said.

Now, his investment was finally rewarded, and very rich. Bitcoin is now worth more than $16000, Sardinia meal realized that he can finally achieve his dream to buy a super sports car.

Many users do not approve of Sardinia meal encryption currency to buy Lamborghini, because bitcoin prices continued to rise, and is likely to continue for many years, until more than $100 thousand.

His wife also strongly opposed by buying a car, whether it is real money or bitcoins, she think Lamborghini is too off. Then, he bought a Audi car. Of course, after that, the money spent.

One day later, at VINWIN, Sardinia meal colleagues drove his own Lamborghini to work. Sardinia put his son on a car at the driver’s seat on the play, and soon his son hooked on the car.

Sasddington’s wife saw their son holding a steering wheel like super happy, the idea has changed. Finally, they finally settled in 2011 with a $115 investment bitcoin for a Lamborghini.

Sardinia Dayton admits, because bitcoin prices continued exponential growth, the future of bitcoin prices may reach $20 million.

“But sometimes you have to reward yourself.” He said.

In a subsequent interview in November, Lamborghini has admitted Sardinia meal let him spend about $4000 every day, but he said he and his family are enjoying every moment.

“I love it very much, my wife and I have been driving it. We have been driving in our children to go to school, I certainly not to mention, each with a oil I smile.” He said.

In a second interview, Sardinia Dayton recalled a year ago he saw for the first time in the car parked outside the shop. But he never thought, after a year, because of the small traffic accident happened before a Humvee, he can finally buy the same car at a cheaper price.

The photo shows the damage to the car bumper and scratched the passenger door.

Now bitcoin prices are skyrocketing, Sardinia meal that he expects to receive more criticism, he told him about the purchase of the super sports car with bitcoin is a bad decision.

When a car he bought the news off the network, a lot of people and he discussed about bitcoin, Sardinia meal is also part of the people to accept the view.

“So, the fun is not driving a sports car, and communicate with those of the real new technology called bitcoin interested people there. Bitcoin is one of the most powerful and Lamborghini began talking about this emerging technology the best marketing tool. In my opinion, this will change the world.” He said.

This is good news for the Dayton sardinia. But in other parts of the world, bitcoin and other encryption currency is prohibited. Indonesia, India and Vietnam and other countries to take a tough stance on the currency. However, things are good, such as Japan is still the key factor of the rising value of encryption currency.

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