2016 10 Coin circle event!

2016 10 Coin circle event!

The 2016 year is a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of bitcoin. Looking back on this year, bitcoin prices have about 2800 yuan from the beginning of the year rose to more than 6800 yuan, rose over 100%, hit a three year high, is undoubtedly one of the most valuable investment products in 2016. As of now, the total market value of bitcoin has reached $15 billion.

Rose with the previous price seems to be somewhat different, this year, more people talk about bitcoin blockchain is no longer taboo, more and more people face bitcoin value. In the global political and economic shocks under the environment of bitcoin as a safe haven asset talent shows itself.

In this year, bitcoin ushered in the 8 birthday, but also experienced second times of halving production, now each block bitcoin production was 12.5 BTC. From the various indicators, bitcoin infrastructure gradually improved, the user base is expanding, more widely used.



This year’s observation of digital currency and the blockchain community, striking several new trends: financing is not easy and ICO hot market; central bank policy and grassroots entrepreneurial companies in parallel; exchange rate fluctuations and currency bitcoin prices firm.

The following list of ten you must not ignore the events happened this year. After a few years back, maybe will find that you are experiencing at the time, perhaps the history of the development of bitcoin, or even a major turning point in the history of world currency.

Governments waste bills, India bitcoin premium 10%

In November 8th, India’s prime minister Narendra modi? Announced the abolition of face value of 500 rupees and 1000 rupees notes — were equivalent to approximately $7.5 and $15. Subsequently, the “waste money” has undergone a series of changes in the rules. For the first time announced the “waste money”, Modi stressed that the main is to cut off terrorist financing. He also stressed that the move is more in order to recover the tax evasion of the money and then changed, in order to encourage more use of digital payments in india.

India’s former Prime Minister Singer criticized it as a “legal plunder”. Now to the people of India began to seek alternative assets, a time India bitcoin currency prices are hard to find, beyond the international market price of nearly 10%.

Coincidentally, Bolivar notes Venezuela abolished the 100 yuan denomination, issued 6 new banknotes larger denominations; the Australian government announced the abolition of large amount of cash in May; in December 19th, Indonesia also played “waste money”.

While a bitcoin prices, from 4800 yuan at the beginning of November, to 6800 yuan under. In less than two months, rose over 40%.

The government “waste money” play the slide, the consequences are serious lack of credibility, on the contrary, bitcoin talent shows itself in a round of “waste money movement”, not only the price rising, also let more people aware of the importance, block chain technology of protecting personal property inviolable.

The global economic and political shocks, bitcoin hedge outstanding characteristics

In addition to the multinational waste note, 2016 events also occurred a few pieces of the impact of the global economic trend. In the reflection of a British exit, Trump stage events, bitcoin degree showed similar hedging properties of gold.

In June 24th, the British and European referendum results were announced, more than half of public support from the European Union, British Prime Minister Cameron also announced his resignation. The pound plunged, bitcoin prices rose, rose nearly 20%, stable prices of 4300 yuan in the next.

In November 9th, with the election vote count continuously released, many assets hit the maximum amplitude since Britain returned to Europe, but bitcoin no accident rose sharply, nearly 5000 yuan. The reason is that the market generally believes that the uncertainty surrounding Trump proposed policy will promote the safe haven asset price.

In addition, the continuous depreciation of the RMB and foreign exchange control brings a strong demand for bitcoin market, bitcoin prices soared.

Follow up the pace of 2017 may be the supervision, supervision?

Bitcoin from the date of birth, always in the regulatory gray area, regulatory uncertainty is the huge risks of digital money and block chain development. But from the beginning of 2016, the situation is not quite the same. Look at this simple regulatory level and bitcoin blockchain attitude:

Japan: March 2016, the FSA will be defined as a commodity; in May, Japan’s first approved digital currency regulation bill, and the definition of bitcoin property.

South Korea: financial supervision agency established a working group to focus on digital currency, bitcoin exchange regulation.

Singapore: Singapore in August 2016, the central bank for the domestic payment providers put forward new regulatory measures.

Australia: Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is defined as bitcoin “intangible assets” rather than money; in November, the Australian government issued a white paper digital currency guide.

North America: in the United States this year, more stringent regulation. Previously, the Obama administration asked the IRS (IRS) of Double Taxation on the field of digital currency. Famous digital currency exchange Coinbase is required to submit user information; the Canadian government actively promoting bitcoin legislation.

Europe: Russia to give up the implementation of bitcoin ban; Britain’s global advisory bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) has recently been approved for listing on the Channel Islands stock exchange; belong to the British territory of Gibraltar issued the first bitcoin exchange traded instruments (ETI). This is the first European regulatory bitcoin tools currently on-line at the same time in Gibraltar and the German stock exchange.

The block chain, supervision and supervision is not a bad thing, to a certain extent, means “admit”. All the countries in the world have opened bitcoin digital currency supervision way, in 2017, I believe there are more regulatory policy implementation, digital currency community will achieve more benign development.

Block chain industry financing is less than last year, ICO mixed market

Near the end of 2016, the finance industry the latest data we have not seen, but according to CBInsights statistics, nine months before 2016, the block chain and bitcoin startups in the 92 party financing events to raise $492 million. At this rate, investment in 2016 than the 2015 decline in trading activities.

On the contrary, the 2016 also witnessed the hot ICO market. 2016 is known as the first year of ICO. In this year, a number of projects to obtain financing through ICO way. ICO is derived from IPO, is unique to digital currency community, is short for InitialCoinOffering. This is the main way of digital currency and sell tokens to block chain project project early enthusiasts, the project team will use the ICO to access funds for development and expand the market.

This year, TheDAO became the largest amount of all the cases raise to $150 million the results, WAVES, Lisk, small ants, leading domestic projects are adorable treasure, has been successfully completed the ICO, with the birth of a number of block chain to raise public platform, foreign bnktothefuture, domestic currency chips, cloud currency net ICO365.

The hot time makes a large number of items into the ICO market, the project quality is uneven, the lack of regulation, lack of user education leads to serious emotional speculation, the project line break, or simply failure to raise the public as a result of ICO overall market sentiment is not high, the original win-win innovation becomes a hot potato.

In spite of this, investors in the ICO has not lost confidence, hope the upcoming 2017 ICO project will not disappoint investors.

Frequent theft: exchange spared; DAO Road, very road?

Hackers bitcoin events from the date of birth is always accompanied by now. In 2016, several well-known digital currency exchange is also difficult to escape. In May 14th, Hongkong digital currency exchange Gatecoin is stolen, the etheric Fang related assets worth more than 2 million dollars in losses; in August 4th, the well-known Bitfinex exchange is stolen, loss of 120 thousand BTC, worth more than $72 million.

Remove the exchange, the most popular project to raise TheDAO is black but it is also caused a be struck dumb, this year another big event: Ethernet square branch.

In April 30th, based on the application of TheDAO Ethernet square project for a 28 day to raise public. DAO is to the center of the autonomous organization, TheDAO can be seen as the congregation raised a venture capital fund, fund authorized by the voting DAO token holder for Ethernet square project. In May 28th, the end of all the chips, get more than 11 million 500 thousand Ethernet coins, worth more than $150 million, to become the world’s largest in the history of the amount of the project to raise the public.

No one expected that, in June 17th, hackers launched for TheDAO smart contracts more vulnerabilities, and the transfer of 36 million of the value of the currency of Ethernet to an anonymous address, almost all the chips TheDAO total 1150 Ethernet 1/3 dollars.

In order to save many stolen losses to investors, in June 30th, VitalikButerin proposed the etheric Fang founder hard in July 21st, more than 85% bifurcation scenario, the support of hard hard etheric Fang bifurcation, bifurcation, the ETH (Ethernet and ETC (Ethernet Square Branch) Fang original chain) two independent block chain.

TheDAO theft has become a commonplace talk of an old scholar of similar incidents, each time, remove the investor confidence suffered a serious blow, frustrated price, digital currency will be double community legal regulation and moral aspects of torture.

The etheric Fang questioned the bifurcation, breaking the myth of smart contracts

In July 21st, the implementation of Ethernet Fang hard bifurcation, ETH and ETC two chain.

Despite the loss of stolen back, but take a hard way to make Ethernet bifurcation Fang lost a part to block chain to the center and not tampered with supporters in the community. At the same time, because of the complexity of smart contracts, and ignore the TheDAO loopholes, smart contracts are being questioned.

In the next few months, ETH has carried out 4 hard bifurcation. The development route of ETH and ETC have be quite different. Based on the original Ethernet Fang as the representative of the ETH developer community members, still take the intelligent contract way; and the other side supports ETC Ethernet square original chain, the miners as the representative of the supporters, to walk PoW line.

The ETH community recently without too much news release, and the progress of ETC from scratch community activities like a raging fire. In November 23rd, ETC ETCWin announced the first project to raise the public to raise public success, and in the recently launched ETC enthusiasts community ETCFans.

The price, the current ETH and ETC sum of the market value has dropped to less than half the bifurcation. Separately, the recent ETH prices continue to decline, maintained at around 50 yuan, face enormous challenges; on the contrary, the recent strong performance of ETC, the current price of 7.5 yuan, with more developers to join, monetary policy is finalized, application gradually fall, ETC is worth looking forward to the prospect.

Nakamoto again “appeared”, “looking Nakamoto” game when Hugh

Nakamoto Mami has been one of the biggest mysteries bitcoin circles. In May 2, 2016, Australian entrepreneur Craig Stephen White publicly acknowledged that he is the inventor of bitcoin Nakamoto, this is the first time publicly acknowledged.

In December 2015, early in the first half, “connection” magazine reported that White may be Nakamoto himself, a series of media released also showed traces of subsequent White is one of those years are considered Nakamoto who is one of the most “like” nakamoto”.

Unexpectedly, the bitcoin foundation and founding director of the JonMatonis BitcoinCore GavinAndresen before the defenders, are in their blog to support White is Nakamoto, but with a series of evidence to overthrow White to give up and continue to prove to the supporters of apology, Gavin also admitted for nakamoto.

The annual search for Nakamoto will cause a great disturbance in the currency of the circle, without exception, to admit the end. Perhaps this is disappeared in the Cong bitcoin designed to follow to the center, looking Nakamoto this game is probably the best result that Nakamoto disappeared in the history.

The expansion is still in suspense, the focus of the community

A block of expansion has been debated for more than a year. How to fix the ductility and realize the block expansion, currently the main focus of debate focused on two programs: BitcoinCore and BitcoinUnlimited.

Core solutions are deployed isolation verification, has been part of the community support, but in the second half of this year, gradually pool and community leaders come out publicly against.

Unlimited’s view is that the block size should be adjusted by the market, but the need to achieve through hard bifurcation. Etheric Fang hard bifurcation earlier, has not yet reached a consensus in the community situation, bitcoin is a hard branch split into two risk system.

This debate is still ongoing, how in the end there is not yet conclusive. 2017, the expansion will continue to be a focus problem.

Bitcoin 8th anniversary, output halved again

Beijing time on January 3, 2009, the birth of bitcoin block.

In November 28, 2012, bitcoin ushered in the first half of the yield, the interval of 1425 days, about 3.9 years.

In July 10, 2016, along with 420000th blocks of bitcoin bitcoin block was born, ushered in the production again halved, time spent 3 years 7 months and 11 days 1 hours 21 minutes and 35 seconds after the half, half block reward for 12.5BTC.

Bitcoin, this year there is another thing to remember. According to the white paper release time to count, November 1, 2016 is just the 8th anniversary anniversary of the birth of bitcoin.

In November 1, 2008, claiming the Cong (SatoshiNakamoto) the mysterious figure released a white paper in cryptography bitcoin mailing list. At that time no one expected, the birth of bitcoin opened a new era.

8th Anniversary November 1, 2016 birthday, bitcoin prices exceeded 5000 yuan, do not know is not bitcoin’s wishes for community users?

The development of digital currency, open recruitment of talent chain block

Back in early 2016, the people’s Bank of Chinese held a symposium to discuss the central bank launched a digital currency digital currency, multi scene application of digital currency, once ignited the enthusiasm of investors and practitioners. Bitcoin prices also opened this year’s bull market.

In February 13th, the people’s Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the technical route based on digital currency can be divided into account and not based on account of two, can also be used to coexist and stratification. Block chain technology is an optional technology, which is based on distributed bookkeeping, accounts, and can not be tampered with.

In November, the central bank issued a legal prototype scheme of digital currency has completed two rounds of revision, is expected to scenarios in the paper market relatively closed pilot. The same month, the central bank website published 2017 annual recruitment information display, the scientific research units directly under the people’s Bank of China began recruiting printed digital currency related R & D personnel.

In December, the “Shenzhen Evening News” headlines reported: Shenzhen has established the first national Fintech digital currency union and Research Institute, is the first national rate pilot digital currency. This is after the central bank announced the establishment of digital currency Research Institute, China’s first local city from open, national financial innovation to promote the strategic height of RMB internationalization, initiated the establishment of financial technology alliance and research institute. The central bank to promote digital currency fall further, the extraordinary significance.

Not only is Chinese, Britain, Singapore and other central banks have begun to layout in the field of digital currency, the gradual development of testing and issuing their own digital currency.

If the central bank had a digital currency only refers to the digital currency, and other digital currency bitcoin is not a concept, a year after the central bank to deepen the understanding of digital currency will find that the national level of the blockchain attention, is probably the strongest driving force to promote the blockchain application scene of large-scale landing.

Today, the highest price of bitcoin has exceeded 6800 yuan, a rise of community enthusiasm. With the regulatory policy ground, further expand the application of ordinary people, bitcoin acceptance increased, in 2017 the global trend of negative interest rates, bitcoin, it is worth looking forward to.

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