2017 bitcoin and gold will be playing together haven?

2017 bitcoin and gold will be playing together haven?

Recently, bitcoin outstanding performance than gold whether means it could replace gold as a safe haven currency? The haven, bitcoin can with gold? Bitcoin prices have soared and the recent market volatility indicates that gold in 2017 revenue?

2016 is a key year for gold and coins for. The dollar and gold coins have made new progress in this year, and for the past four years are not. However, Hatsubasa Mitoyo’s bitcoin performance in 2016 is stronger than gold.

Gold rose 8.6% in 2016, due to performance of treasury bonds and the dollar. Although after four years of decline, and relative to all currencies have become more and more high. Although the dollar and the euro gold gold strong rise, while the pound of gold soared 31% to protect British investors and depositors from the devaluation of the pound, but the media and investor interest in gold is still tepid. This is because the gold in the second half of 2016 dismal performance, and did not go beyond the July record high of $1366.

Compared with 2016, bitcoin prices rose 126%, far more than any major currency.

The outlook for 2017

Bitcoin and gold are optimistic about the prospects in 2017. Gold and bitcoin has many factors, because these two kinds of asset prices and holdings will benefit from for investors and speculators on investment diversification, alternative currency and hedge assets.

2017 gold price forecast range is $1100-1600, or even higher. According to a Bloomberg survey of analysts, after rising 9% in 2016 is expected to gold, the average growth rate of 13% in 2017. The Bloomberg survey GoldCore analysts expect the price of gold will reach $1600 in annual highs this year, and finally closed at $1400. The analysts expect it will be gold since 2010 the largest increase.

No matter in the price of gold analysts believe the axis position, they all agree that Trump, the British back in Europe and continued depressed Europe are likely to support the price of gold. Not to mention the negative real interest rates, inflation and the ongoing euro zone banking problems.

According to a survey by CoinDesk, bitcoin is expected to reach $1400 in 2017. Interestingly, only a small part of the respondents pointed out that macroeconomic factors are the reasons for rising prices of bitcoin. Many people think that bitcoin is a technique for supporting reform of higher price.

A report released in December, Saxo Bank also saw the Trump regime on the economy, inflation expectations and China tensions with Russia, the potential impact of bitcoin and the price of gold has played a positive effect. The prediction of the price of bitcoin bank outrageous may rise to $2000.

What happens as we see gold, Saxo Bank believes that Russia and China are unlikely to accept bitcoin instead of dollars.

Whether it is gold or bitcoins, they have benefited from their status without borders, is independent of the currency. They will not only be those calling for diversification, get rid of U.S. state of love, will be to protect themselves against hackers, Trump, left and right populist regime, the central bankers’ role be on uncertainty among investors.

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