2017 block chain technology will be a year of rapid development?

2017 block chain technology will be a year of rapid development?

In the new year we will witness the application to block chain based in all walks of life to shine.

The bottom block chain bitcoin to get a lot of applications in a recent period of time. Banks and financial institutions is mainly on the development and implementation of the distributed ledger of interest and hope its application in their field of operation mechanism. Financial technology is one of the most recent hot. A lot of financial technology applications are based on block chain technology, which can be foreseen will have great development in the new year 2 block chain implementation.

If the financial industry in the past two years relatively flat, then the next year it will be exciting and important. The financial industry has received a $60 billion investment in the past ten years. This number will only increase in the future. These funds will be increased to achieve the purpose of creating market opportunities for start-ups.

Do not stop at the financial science and technology investment. According to a recent report in Frost block chain has the potential to help the financial industry in technological innovation to do better. Sullivan believes that the use of block chain technology can prevent cyber crime. Cyber criminals still continue to find new ways to break the network security of enterprises. The enterprise email exploits is recently used by hackers, and other advanced persistent threats in the enterprise headache. They believe that using block chain technology can increase the level of trust and the convenience of all walks of life to exchange messages between equity holders.

Expert analysis in enterprise magazine said:

The establishment of information sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) will be combined with the private platform for participants to share threat information. The blockchain will serve as technology to facilitate business exchanges, members of the block chain will identify trusted and provide a tamper proof system, which can prevent unauthorized changes to the shared data.”

The application of recently released by the BNPParibas financial technology accelerator is one symbol of many mainstream institutions to increase interest in the chain block. If these are taken into account, obviously digital currency technology is more and more eye-catching performance in 2017.

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