“2018 block chain technology white paper” | chain Tower & Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University think tank

Source: chain tower tank (ID:liantazhiku)

In recent years, block chain technology has attracted great attention in the world. Governments in the blockchain active in the field of force, an attempt to seize the next industry innovation point. 2016, the State Council issued the “Thirteen Five Plan” will be the first national information block chain set for the strategic direction of development. 2018 5, President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the Academy of Sciences Chinese 19 meeting of academicians of Academy of engineering, China 14 meeting of the Academy of Sciences, block chain and artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, networking and tied for a new generation of information technology, the block chain technology in the future high hopes.

2018, block chain development industry tends to be rational, Chinese development with other countries in the world tend to be synchronized and in the technology and the market level may be more active. The global block chain growth project continues unabated, but the industry cooling trend.

At the end of November 2018, Chinese added 263 block chain project, is still the country with the largest growth in asia. The number of block chain project, China, Singapore, the United States is the development of the power technology chain block.

In terms of investment and financing, because of the block chain development is still in its early, most of the block chain project still in the B round of the state before.

In terms of talents, block chain industry talent gap is large, complex of personnel requirements. From the perspective of talent supply, in addition to social training and social culture, colleges and universities have set up the blockchain course.

From the point of view of China’s patent, blockchain patent number reached 1065, ranked first in the world, but the overall value is low, the enterprise to get policy support or increase the tendency of enterprise brand by patent obviously.

From the perspective of industry chain of new public infrastructure, in 2018 the number reached more than 70, the domestic chain public good performance, the underlying chain still has the opportunity to the public.

In combination with the real economy, although the public ETH EOS DApp chain, became flourishing, but with gambling and games are also difficult to support the development of chain blocks in different areas of large-scale commercial projects.

For the Internet industry chain tower joint Tsinghua University Research Institute released the “2018 block” application chain technology.

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