Bitcoin phishing criminals plan has been the United States Court Connecticut court

Bitcoin phishing criminals plan has been the United States Court Connecticut court

This Monday, Connecticut residents was convicted of fraud and money laundering, he has been trying to steal the encryption currency.

According to foreign media reports, in New York on Tuesday in Hartford federal court in the United States of Connecticut, 35 year old Michael Richo (MichaelRicho) through a “fishing plan” stole $365000 bitcoin, according to the U.S. Department of Justice issued a message, he released the fraudulent links black sites similar to the popular.

Prosecutors found that he later uses this information to monitor the bitcoin account, Richo admits that the way he stole more than 10000 user username and password, bitcoin trading platform to use these methods in the United States on the sale of the assets of the victims of money.

But so far does not provide a loss on account of the loss of bitcoin assets in detail, and their properties are software (wallet users to control their money) or hosting wallet service (related to bitcoin maintenance by the company).

However, the guilty plaintiff also presents a case, the lawsuit was in October last year, Richo was arrested on suspicion of fraud telephone fraud and identity theft of computer crime. Finally, he had confessed he was guilty of a money laundering and fraud of the equipment a maximum penalty of 30 years imprisonment.

The court will make a specific sentence in September to Richo.

The Spanish bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo announced that it will expand the 4000 outlets

The Spanish bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo announced that it will expand the 4000 outlets

According to foreign media reports, the recent Spanish bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo has announced that it will expand the 4000 outlets.

According to unofficial reports retweet, Bitnovo company said on Wednesday, now it has 4000 additional positions for customers to use cash to buy bitcoin in spain.

Bitnovo added bitcoin payment outlets for those who repeatedly seek virtual currency investment traders to provide more choice, the number of businesses on the platform is about 500.


Bitnovo in the past years there has been a number of improvements, including the use of BitcoinVisa prepaid debit cards to 130 countries for international expansion.

The new Bitnovo service extension that Spain bitcoin consumer demand continues to grow. In June, the country appeared again after the incident, the European bank bailout news headlines said, just because of institutional reasons to buy Spanish Santander.

The blockchain local business scene is booming, Aragon’s business project solutions raised $25 million in ICO, only 15 minutes.

Japan bitcoin exchange launched insurance products

Japan bitcoin exchange launched insurance products

The two Japanese bitcoin exchanges are the introduction of insurance products, to prevent the losses associated with the failure of the transaction.

According to a Nikkei report showed that bitFlyer and MS&AD insurance holding company subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo insurance company (MitsuiSuitomoInsurance) cooperation, to provide non life insurance products. It is reported that the product will be on the line today.

Another Japanese domestic bitcoin exchange Coincheck is working with Tokio Marine Nichido Fire Insurance Co (TokioMarineandNichidoFireInsurance) jointly launched similar products.

Although unable to provide the exact details of the policy immediately, but said these are designed to consolidation of digital currency transactions with confidence. For bitFlyer, if the customer’s transaction due to technical problems and can not pass, then the policy will cover the retailer’s loss to accept bitcoin.

The announcement of the news said: “if the store does not want like this to suffer, hope there are more shops to use bitcoin as a means of payment.”

Before the launch of the initiative, the Japanese government formally bitcoin as a legitimate way of payment, this policy change on the formation of the regulatory framework of the country digital currency exchange.

Taiwan scam using bitcoin money laundering 10 suspects arrested

Taiwan scam using bitcoin money laundering 10 suspects arrested

New fraud group practices, Taiwan Miaoli police found the first to win the trust of the victim, deliberately avoiding the financial card of a wafer cut angle, actually can still be used to steal the victim deposit. Hsinchu City Criminal Investigation Brigade found the robber put money into bitcoin exchange fraud, money laundering, instead of buying points in the game approach.

The head of a police investigation, 64 year old boy, the victim received in May 11th the fake Health Insurance Bureau staff told him to phone, insurance fraud collar criminal case, demanded the surrender of financial card for the custody and sent to the home to receive, Xu inadvertently delivered financial card and password to the driver, after half a month to brush bank deposit the book was shocked to receive 1 million 350 thousand yuan stolen. Lai Ming long branch instructions and help Jianshan police station investigation team immediately set up an investigation team to the prosecution command investigation.

Fraud group with 29 years old, 27 year old man surnamed Chu suspect surnamed Xu led the members of 3 male and 2 female, 2 male and 1 female with each action into 1 groups, in addition to avoid deception process will drag the victim in the investigation, but also deliberately in front of a pair of scissors to win the trust of the victim card financial angle, in fact as long as it does not destroy the card the wafer can withdraw smoothly, money fraud.

The City Criminal Investigation Brigade analysis since April of this year’s fraud cases, the victim was found from the past are lured to the supermarket to buy game points, to buy virtual currency bitcoin, then remitted overseas account, very not easy to trace.

City Criminal Science and technology team of 28 bamboo prosecutors prosecutor under the command of Huang Jiahui, in conjunction with the Bureau of aviation industry survey at Taichung survey station, central area of mobile stations and other units, cracked water room in Taipei, Taoyuan, Yu, Guo and the accomplice arrested a total of 10 people, according to the information of fraud, money laundering, organized crime suspect transferred investigation.

European police held a meeting to discuss the value of bitcoins storage and payment legalization

European police held a meeting to discuss the value of bitcoins storage and payment legalization

According to foreign media reports, as the highest law enforcement agency Europol has recently hosted the fourth session of the conference of digital currency. According to the agency’s announcement Wednesday, this year will discuss other encryption currency bitcoin as a store of value, and the payment is legitimate.

The discussion will bitcoin as the European cybercrime centre payment value storage and the lawful Europol (EC3) recently at Europol headquarters in Hague held the fourth session of the general assembly of virtual currency. EC3 was founded in 2013, is the network crime expert group of the European Union, aims to help law enforcement agencies to deal with cyber attacks.

This activity in June 22 to 23 held to further strengthen the fight against abuse of virtual currency trading and money laundering criminal activities.

Unlike in previous years, Europol also meeting the additional discussion, according to the agency on Wednesday announced the news:

Another interesting topic covered is the legitimate use of bitcoin encryption technology, including the use of money as a store of value, as well as the legitimate payment for goods and services.”

The digital monetary conference organised by the European police, there are more than 150 experts from various fields to participate in the event this year. Many law enforcement agencies in European countries and non EU countries have been involved in the private sector, but experts have also been invited. Many bitcoin companies were selected to participate in, because they provide through online transactions, payment processing or wallet service to promote the legitimate use of virtual currency.

According to Europol, in the industry experts including, Bitfinex, Bitpanda, Bitonic, Bitstamp, Bitpay, Coinbase, Cubits, Localbitcoins, Spectrocoin and Xapo.

The notice pointed out that “participants to share their views on crime trends, use the latest technology to hide financial trajectory and criminals, and the use of bitcoin and other virtual currencies cash proceeds of crime.”

The European Union has been a lot of research in digital currency as a store of value. With the passage of time, the researchers found that bitcoin is increasingly recognized as a valuable commodity.

The elimination of Japan bitcoin trading tax trading volume will rise

The elimination of Japan bitcoin trading tax trading volume will rise

According to Japanese media reports, Japan with the tax reform act of July 1st officially announced that from the elimination of bitcoin transactions consumption tax, insiders expect Bill currency trading activity in Japan to activate its trading bills will rise.

In March 27th, the Japanese parliament formally approved the 2017 DDT share tax reform proposals, through the other bills listed bitcoin consumption tax bill and the reform of the. The Act came into force on July 1st, is expected to significantly increase bitcoin currency trading activities in Japan and encryption privacy in currency exchange market.

In April 1st, the Japanese government officially recognized as legal bitcoin payment and money. Since then, the Japanese government has focused on bitcoin traders, the establishment of enterprises and users and build ecological system more effective. The main part of the plan is to make bitcoin currency trading and encryption without friction, allowing traders easy access to encrypted currency, without processing such as tax and other external factors.

Japan bitcoin exchange market has been well regulated, and equipped with a proper knowledge of the customer (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) system. Japan and South Korea’s anti money laundering policy is very strict, it is difficult to use the potential for arbitrage trader, using bitcoin mobile large sums of money outside of Japan, without triggering a local transaction platform used in anti money laundering system.

Since July 1st the activation of Japan bitcoin tax cuts, bitcoin prices rose from $2450 to $2570. Bitcoin gained momentum is entirely due to the Japanese market is not a fair assessment, because it accounts for only 16.2% of global bitcoin trading market.

However, positive signs of Japan bitcoin trading in Asia may establish a positive precedent, more control of the global bitcoin exchange market share of 65%, and the impact of the price of bitcoin.

The tax bill settlement bitcoin bitcoin ecosystem of Japanese businessman is also very important. Recently, some of the most influential companies in Japan, including the largest electronics retailer BicCamera began to accept Bitcoin as a digital currency and payment.

Soon after, thousands of restaurants, cafes and shops can begin to accept bitcoin, because the biggest point of sale of Japanese machine operator AirRegi in the fall of 2017 to integrate bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s future will be decided by the community consensus

Bitcoin’s future will be decided by the community consensus

For three years the expansion of the bitcoin tired, everywhere Cang heng! A compromise is the New York consensus community tired of the endless debate, to meet the interests of all parties in the community to support the isolation verification and support block, which is in the community wide consensus on the expansion of the first to reach the problem, not in a separate bitcoin expansion developed by miners and decided that the views of community play a key role in the New York consensus.

For the surface of bitcoin expansion is between the developers and the miner’s argument, is actually between the respective interest groups debate, core team hopes to deprive the rights of miners over, in order to control the bitcoin miners; for the sake of their own interests unwilling to surrender their rights, and resolutely defend the bitcoin decentralization.

In the past seven or eight years, the maintenance and development of bitcoin core is responsible for the core development group, bitcoin can development today, core development group denied that they were a group of selfless dedication, with a dream of Bob, they are not vested interest, they are a group of people worthy of respect. In fact, we also owe bitcoin developer a hard!”

The miners as a vested interest in the past few years by mining reaped huge profits, in the early stages of bitcoin has been and developers to cooperate with each other, developers will also seriously to carry out. As the process of the development of bitcoin miners protector and guardian, also has been dedicated to pay, the clever mind follows, positive for the community to contribute.

However, since the establishment of bitcoin developer core development group in BS company under the support of bitcoin expansion is no longer a simple bitcoin system software upgrade, expansion of bitcoin interest demands more doping. After Gavin was kicked out of school expansion core development group, core group had completely changed, completely reduced to BS company spokesmen for the interests of the community and openly to the enemy, regardless of the overall situation, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, hinder the expansion of bitcoin.

The miners work force, the need to upgrade the bitcoin software system by the miners voted, while the miners face not mature software, without community test, can not make a vote, the bitcoin community expansion predicament of the blame on the miners, this is not correct. However, the miners did not adhere to the mature software, and then calculate the force deployment community, voting bitcoin expansion three steps. However, the miners as bitcoin protector and guardian of the overall situation, to a negotiated settlement and community bitcoin expansion dilemma attitude worthy of recognition. At present, the implementation of miners and community to promote the New York consensus.

The signing of the New York consensus means that the return of the Hongkong consensus, Chinese bitcoin Roundtable again reiterated the support of the New York consensus, marking the community consensus eventually defeated the core development group. The New York consensus is not by the miners or developer led, but by the community leadership, including exchange, pool, ore miners, wallets, investors etc.. The successful implementation of the New York consensus will provide a reference case for the community, bitcoin’s future will be decided by the community consensus, rather than by some interest groups.

Germany’s largest food supply site to accept bitcoin payments

Germany’s largest food supply site to accept bitcoin payments

Germany’s largest food supply portal has more than 11000 cooperative restaurants, recently announced that it has begun to accept bitcoin payments. The company’s online food ordering site of from the world’s largest have. leading German market announced this week that its payment options have been added to the bitcoin payment. In addition to the restaurant has more than 11000 partners, the company claims to have 3 million 900 thousand users and 17 million 300 thousand orders, the average order value of 19.68 euros.

According to the parent company of, Germany is the group’s second largest market, the total value of goods in 2016 was 341 million euros, second only to the netherlands. created second high income last year, 36 million 810 thousand euros, 55 million 250 thousand euros for Holland. wrote:

“Germany is still the main growth market… Our brand in Germany successfully reached the top spot, now at roughly the same with the second and third sites similar to the order of market share.”

Bitcoin payment now joined the queue payment and other payment methods including cash, sofort, giropay, Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress and Paypal. has been listed on its Web site on how to use bitcoin payment information. Bitcoin payment provided by Bitpay is convenient, like other brand to accept encryption as the currency. Pay with bitcoin users will be redirected to the Bitpay after the payment and payment. “Bitcoin amount according to the current exchange rate is always Bitpay conversion,” the website details.

In addition, added, “when using bitcoin payment, we do not charge any additional fee.” said that the use of credit cards and Paypal will pay a fee of 6%.

The absorption of competitors in Germany

Increases of through the acquisition of its rival. is one of the biggest rivals in germany. In October 2014, 70 million euros to acquire These two brands combined, now run under

The acquisition also includes Lieferando Poland subsidiary, it is Poland’s largest food delivery website. The website has begun to accept bitcoin payments.

India’s finance minister held internal meetings on bitcoin regulatory issues

India’s finance minister held internal meetings on bitcoin regulatory issues


According to reports, the India government will soon bitcoin virtual currency supervision and management in domestic use. Now, according to local media reports, India’s finance minister ArunJaitley held a private meeting to discuss the internal supervision bitcoin related issues.

After listening to the views of the public, India officials privately held a meeting to discuss bitcoin regulatory risks and benefits.

Many bitcoin supporters have to focus on India, because they believe that India will become a recognized and decentralized management of currency countries, just as Japan did. They had several meetings and discussions with members of Parliament, finance minister KiritSomaiya ArunJaitley and some of the heads of the other in.

Although KiritSomaiya before twitter published some negative comments, but recently many people listened to the feedback regulation of encryption currency. In the past March, India citizens are allowed to be published on bitcoin regulatory review, can also be directly to the comments sent to government officials.

Congressman KiritSomaiya this spring on twitter said: “I have to accept bitcoin at different levels of problem, you can also send your advice to me”.

Many senior officials in India’s finance minister ArunJaitley internal meeting.

Now, according to informed sources, the India government officials, finance minister Jaitley said the internal meeting to discuss bitcoin regulation in listening to people’s advice. Conference participants including the Minister of economic affairs minister RaviShankarPrasad IT TapanRay, NiTiaayog ArvindPanagariya, vice president, secretary general, Financial Services Minister AnjulyChibDuggal RajivMehrishi, and other members of India.

Although India officials like KiritSomaiya skeptical of bitcoin, but Jaitley asked the members and the public, to meet the digital age and ready in November last year after the establishment of the non currency, no cash “task mode”. Jaitley also said: “some banks have made many successful, and the Indians are not well adapted to this pattern is the opposite view.”

India media headlines said bitcoin regulation is beneficial to officials

India to the virtual currency regulation has caused a lot of state officials to bitcoin stand attention. In April this year, members of a committee set up in India devoted to the study of the legal recognition of the legal status of encryption currency risks and benefits. The June 20th report, the majority of members of the committee expressed their support for the supervision and management of the encryption currency.

From the India news media headlines published and regions, it appears that the Minister of finance Jaitley and cross disciplinary committee quickly announced bitcoin regulatory results. The message said, do not have any official decision in a private meeting on Jaitley, but several questions about bitcoin are discussed.