South Korean regulators in contrast Youbit hacker event bitcoin exchange site inspection

South Korean regulators in contrast Youbit hacker event bitcoin exchange site inspection


The South Korean authorities earlier this month after South Korea Exchange Youbit hacker attacks have started on the domestic bitcoin exchange site inspection.

South Korean regulatory bitcoin exchange site inspection

According to official government policy coordination office issued by the regulatory authorities carried out on-site inspections of more than a dozen bitcoin exchange, to determine whether they conform to the provisions of encryption currency trading.

According to the latest news release site visits, inspection personnel are not satisfied with their investigation found that case.

“Because of the virtual currency exchange of the on-site inspection, the majority of companies surveyed (10 companies) to carry out administrative and technical security access control equipment installation and operation and personal information encryption etc.. In general, is found to be inadequate, “wrote a translated version of brief notice.

This check is caused by December 19th in Seoul, a small exchange Youbit. This is the second time Youbit in 2017 was hacked, and the parent company Yaipan to immediately stop the transaction and filed for bankruptcy.

Although Youbit is a small exchange, hackers are just 17% of the company’s assets of theft, but the events became controversial, because the South Korean authorities said that hackers are representative of the North Korean regime.

The government to strengthen the bitcoin exchange law enforcement

The South Korean government in addition to strengthening law enforcement of domestic bitcoin exchange, still in the implementation of new regulations aimed at curbing encryption currency prosperity.

According to the leaked draft, these regulations will limit the unauthorized use of South Korean investors trading platform for speculation on the encryption currency, and may require the exchange seeking government approval to list new crypto currency.

So far, the government has been hesitant to bitcoin imposed regulation, worried that doing so would give the new assets legitimacy. However, South Korea has become the hub of Asia encryption currency transactions, in particular the prohibition of domestic bitcoin exchange in China operations in mainland in the case of China, regulators also recognize the market grew so large that the government cannot ignore them indefinitely.

Nice CEO turnover in 4000BTC after hackers, the company continues to operate

Nice CEO turnover in 4000BTC after hackers, the company continues to operate


After the last major attack in 2017, hackers stole about $63 million worth of bitcoin, CEO of NiceHash company has replaced a few weeks.

In this controversial new on-line platform in December 22nd after the local news media reported that the first chief executive Marco Kuba has left, and confirmed the news on LinkedIn:

“As you know, since the recent security breaches, we at NiceHash have been working round the clock to rebuild our internal systems and management structure. Now I will exit and allow the new management to lead the company through the next exciting period of growth, chief executive, so I decided to resign from the post of NiceHash.”

The attack of the “total booty” reached 4000 bitcoin. Although the attack is serious, but Kobal seems to believe that the service will continue to operate on the same capacity.

2017 in the crypto currency industry, especially the well-known entity bitcoin exchange suffered a major hacker attacks rare and painful. South Korea’s Youbit became the latest victim, the hackers stole 17% of its net assets after bankruptcy.

Last December, the chief executive officer Peter Smith chain block in an interview with Bloomberg News said that the industry should make major hacker attacks.

India tax department is reviewing the bitcoin profit of personal wealth

India tax department is reviewing the bitcoin profit of personal wealth

According to foreign media reports, the India tax department is examined by bitcoin trading profit of personal assets.

India tax department in its attempt to collect taxes from the overview of related bitcoin profit intention, they will investigate bitcoin bitcoin earnings of individual investors.

It is reported that the relevant departments have visited India in December 13th around the 9 major bitcoin exchange investigation, collect the identity of the trader, transaction information and bank account information.

Chicago launched bitcoin trading simulator

Chicago launched bitcoin trading simulator


December 27th, from the launch of bitcoin futures is less than two weeks, Chicago posted a tweet that has launched its bitcoin futures simulator. This tool can provide practice bitcoin futures trading opportunities for investors, there is no risk of capital loss, and can make the experienced investors in the test platform, zero risk environment trial new trading strategy.

The launch of this market simulator tool aims to attract more participants to Chicago the bitcoin market, resulting in bitcoin futures contract (CFD) market dominant position.

Chicago is the launch of bitcoin futures in December 18th, become the CBOE second to provide such products for Trendsetter Financial Markets Ltd in the United states. Traders need through large retail brokerage companies to participate in this new market, for example, TDAmeritrade allows its customers CBOE trading futures contracts, and InteractiveBrokers recently announced plans to allow the Chicago as soon as possible futures contracts (now allow their bitcoin trading CBOE CFD). InteractiveBrokers said the deal with their own trading volume of more than half of the CBOE bitcoin futures on the first day, although the platform margin is much higher than CBOE.

Despite the launch of bitcoin futures market triggered a lively discussion, but with the main digital currency exchange transactions in size compared to bitcoin futures trading volume at present is not what. As of this writing, Chicago has sold a total of 1078 contracts, CBOE sold a total of 4790 contracts.

How much you earn money from bitcoin?

How much you earn money from bitcoin?


A look at the Internet, feel the whole world is because buying bitcoin had a rich period, but later because of a pizza, lost disk, family relationship between explosive force majeure cause now decline, all are said to have a once rich time.

Since bitcoin survive the winter and the revival of the posture, many people began to enter a wave of eager for a fight, the low while the digital currency market, also a rich life express.

May each have rich people live in legend, really come to reality, but too many people are in a high blind approach, short after the collapse is not so strong heart, finally could not resist the loss of flesh.

As a warning for the future after determination of research on block chain and bitcoin market, gradually cover when prices stable, which lasted several years finally fill losses.

Especially in 2017 this year the year of bitcoin, with the market growth, and the flying piece, it seems that there are so many coins to buy them.

The real wanpiao digital currency game player, most of them went through a small earn big bankruptcy.

After the storm they gradually become real “Buddha, boy”, others ask what time in the hands of money to sell it, they often answer strategy Buddhism is a philosophy with color.

L? Don’t sell! Fall? Don’t sell! What time to sell? I do not know!

In fact, the core of a sentence: have faith, take the live. But it’s not what people can abide by this principle.

Don’t say the number of money, even then the real property market, has been stable for ten years or eight years, but how many people see the trend to buy it?

The most happy thing is probably early to buy coins, and then forget it, until the next rose to mad, reminded by others to think of it, then you probably will be able to realize the dream of wealth.

But remember to save the data security point, not what than developed the block chain technology to the cloud disk sharing fig at ease.

The last section is for girls:

If you want to find a honest man married, do not look for the middle-aged rich uncle. They are usually very poor performance, but also in the society with me.but experience, routine girls are expert level, but the real return is less.

To find the find coins ring, a table row sat eating food stalls, looks like Louis Koo and unexciting them, maybe assets have more than one billion.

Of course there is money and don’t care too much, money can do? After all, good skin fits, interesting soul should pick a good girls see character, and the coin in the circle of people are very young, very funny.

South Korea’s four largest stock exchange to modify the terms of service to comply with security regulations

South Korea’s four largest stock exchange to modify the terms of service to comply with security regulations

At the end of December 2017, the Korean government encryption regulatory issues currency announced several regulatory measures. At present, four South Korean local exchange have begun to modify their terms of services, in order to comply with security regulations.

It is understood that the South Korean exchange group to modify the terms of service is mainly composed of Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone and Korbit of the four leading stock exchange. Among them, Bithumb has been the biggest global digital currency exchange volume, and the new incoming Upbit began in December, the 24 hour trading volume soared. It is worth mentioning that, Upbit is the country’s most popular chat application KakaoTalk’s parent company KakaoCorporation support.

In the regulatory measures, the four exchanges in addition to compliance with the measures have been announced, but also must be prohibited from providing services to minors and non residents in South Korea, and prohibit the issuance of new virtual account (anonymous bank accounts for customers assigned won deposits and trade exchanges).

“Minors and non Korean residents” Limited

Upbit is the first release on the four exchanges to stop providing services for minors to notify the company, its terms of service from the “age of 14” to “19 years of age, the specific contents are as follows: 19 under the age of users will no longer use the Upbit service platform, existing customers will be the last month until the end of the.

The Bithumb website also issued a notice that, from January 1st onwards, suspended under the age of 19 users to subscribe and use of their services. In terms of service to the wording of “if you are under the age of 19, may be restricted”. In addition, the domestic non residents will not be able to use the virtual account. An official exchange previously commented:

“Because we had to minors and foreign investors have been handled very carefully, so the new measures had no impact on us.”

In addition, Coinone also issued a similar notice that “minors and non Korean residents” transactions are limited, and clarify all of its services will not be available to them.

The new issue of virtual account has been suspended

Bithumb said on its website, the new virtual bank account in accordance with government regulations by the suspension of the issue, this is the “real name verification requirements of encryption currency trading”.

At present, Shinhan bank and Agricultural Association bank provides services for Bithumb virtual account issue, the former has suspended the issue of service on Friday, the next day to stop issuing new virtual account.

Upbit also informed its users, “in order to comply with the government policy on the self certification account, virtual account of new Upbit users from January 1, 2018 onwards will stop issuing.” However, the user account has a virtual “normal trading platform”, pointed out.

Similarly, Coinone wrote in December 29, 2017: “encryption currency trading virtual account issue will be temporarily closed”, “the South Korean government to implement real name system”.

On the same day, Korbit also announced the suspension of the new issue of virtual account. Quote “Shinhan bank currently provides virtual account change”, says Korbit:

“If you have Shinhan bank issued won (virtual) account, you won deposit or withdrawal requests will not be restricted. However, the government’s request for the future may deposit or withdrawal caused by the regulatory effect of won the extra. It added: “we will continue to work closely with regulators and financial institutions, prepare a fully compatible platform, according to the new regulations won security deposits and withdrawals.”

North American bitcoin conference returned to Miami on an unprecedented scale

North American bitcoin conference returned to Miami on an unprecedented scale


The extraordinary one year after the encryption currency and block chain assets appeared in 2017, the North American bitcoin Conference (TNABC) came to the sunshine state.

Bitcoin Miami event has more than 2000 registered participants! Is hard to get a vote

Held during the TNABC event in Miami last year, because bitcoin prices surged to $900 per bitcoin, all jubilant. After that, the value of bitcoin has increased by 1300 percentage points, every coin price close to $20 thousand. In addition, ICO will block chain event into a new level, because the participants have found a platform to invest and distributed books project. To be sure, since 2017 after TNABC, many things have changed, coming in from January 18th to 19th at the JamesLKnight center activities is certainly an exciting experience. In addition, in January 17th, the world famous American Clevelander South Beach Hotel, there will be a party in January 18th, also in Miami E11even club, there is a large network activity.

When developers and light chain block encryption

The 2018 North American bitcoin meeting will become the new and veteran digital currency in perfect environment. This year there will be TNABC from the blockchain advocates and people who have the effect of venture capitalists, developers and more celebrities. This year’s keynote speakers include: the founder of HalseyMinor CNET, the blockchain capital of the company BrockPierce and CraigSellars, the chain’s chief executive JackWu, chief executive of RSKLabs, DiegoGutierrezZAldivar, AlexanderKokhanovskyy and so on the dream team.

With the money moving at warp speed space encryption, Keynote CEO MoeLevin very excited about this year’s TNABC.

Levin told this week: “this year, we are very happy to host more than 50 ICO, our partner of Victory Square technology companies will donate $100 thousand to the top three.”

“This is a hitherto unknown, to create this event we are extremely excited. We have more than 2000 registered participants, more than 100 exhibitors, this is definitely not the most instructive activities.”

The exhibition, education and industry chain block encryption, by taking your tour in Miami

In addition to the speaker lineup, there will be a lot of exhibits in the 2018 TNABC JamesLKnight center hall, will bring far-reaching educational significance, people living in the blockchain space, they will share their insight. Visitors will learn how to block chain is the rapid development of business in the global scope. People will learn to “mark”, as well as the encryption currency and ICO is how to reform the pre-existing financing mode. In addition, there will be a lot of discussion about the block chain project, bitcoin is discussed around the price, size and around its network construction infrastructure.

TNABC will let anyone wanting to understand the blockchain and encryption currency solutions excited. Those who have a good understanding of the blockchain technology, can have a better understanding of this growing universe. Since the encryption currency industry is growing exponentially, this year’s TNABC will have more discussions and exhibitions. So, come and join us in one of the biggest annual event in Miami block chain center – in the final round of panic buying before the confirmation of your trip.

TNABC will let anyone wanting to understand the blockchain and encryption currency solutions excited. Those who have a good understanding of the blockchain technology, can have a better understanding of this growing universe. Since the encryption currency industry is growing exponentially, this year’s TNABC will have more discussions and exhibitions. So, come and join us in one of the biggest annual event in Miami block chain center – in the final round of panic buying before the confirmation of your trip.

By 2018, all the sponsors of the quota is full, now has more than 2000 registered participants, places are very limited.

Japan hopes to bring risks to the economy by stimulating domestic demand or bitcoin

Japan hopes to bring risks to the economy by stimulating domestic demand or bitcoin

In many countries have tightened bitcoin transactions under the background of Japan, but the bitcoin prospects, some organizations even think bitcoin will become Japan’s economic favorable factors, or 0.3 percentage points of the Japanese economy will promote additional growth. But others worry that bitcoin bubble, or will bring risks to the Japanese economy.

Bloomberg reported on 31 December 2017, Nomura Securities of Japan’s latest report that in 2017 bitcoin skyrocketing situation, in 2018 a quarter of Japan’s economic growth rate will be higher than the expected additional 0.3%. Over the past year, bitcoin prices close to $1000 from the beginning of the year soared to more than $1.9 in mid December. Japanese investors are benefiting, investment wealth increased significantly. Nomura Securities believes that since the 2017 fiscal year, the wealth effect of Japanese investors through bitcoin transactions will bring to promote consumer spending 23 billion 200 million to 96 billion yen. Bloomberg said in November last year, the global bitcoin transactions, by about 40% yen settlement, many housewives joined speculation bitcoin ranks, and the use of high leverage, increased investment.

The second, third quarter of last year, Japan’s GDP growth rate were 2.9% and 2.5% at an annual rate. The improvement in the external economic environment under favorable conditions, the Japanese government attempted to use a variety of financial assets to stimulate domestic demand, to extend the “Andouble economics” effect. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in January 1, 2018 New Year’s speech, talk about “Andouble economics”, that will promote the construction of “one hundred million total active society”. “Japanese economic news” said that the Japanese government plans to take various measures to boost consumer spending, this situation has become one of the favorable conditions of bitcoin, but Japan is also worried that digital currency speculation will bring excessive market bubble, resulting in the largest holding of Japanese investors face enormous risks.

Bitcoin is high risk, high volatility, has caused many attention. According to Australia’s “Sydney Morning Herald” reported the day before, Australia digital currency investors claim that freeze their bitcoin trading account four local commercial banks, they are prohibited to transfer the trading platform.

Singapore court rejected the $43 million worth of bitcoin disputes

Singapore court rejected the $43 million worth of bitcoin disputes


Documents show, Singapore International Commercial Court ruled today dismissed the plaintiff’s attempt to recovery of 3092 coins from an encrypted currency exchange procedure.

This is the first case submitted by the British B2C2 company in April this year, with the Singapore Quoine encryption currency exchange negotiations, involving a large number of bitcoins caused people’s attention. According to the bitcoin price index data show CoinDesk, then 3092 bitcoin worth $3 million 700 thousand at present value soared to $43 million.

According to court documents, the judge ruled in favor of Quoine SimonThorley, because B2C2 deliberately on the platform with a problem, while the Quoine terms retained the rights of revocation of such transactions.

As CoinDesk reported, B2C2 managed to capture Quoine in April, the so-called “technical failure”, and 3092 of a bitcoin sold 309 Ethernet, creating a profit of $3 million 700 thousand. However, according to CoinDeskBPI data, then bitcoin price of $1226, compared to about 25 times higher than the Ethernet token.

Quoine soon revoked the transaction, did not inform B2C2, citing the company’s violation of the fairness of the market, then causes the B2C2 to recover 3092 bitcoin litigation.

According to court documents, Thorley judges that the plaintiff must know all the price of the price and time has been seeking the transaction is completely inconsistent (all prices are low 250 times).”

B2C2 and Quoine have yet to respond to requests for comment.

Gemini 0.0735 and 20 bitcoin auction

Gemini 0.0735 and 20 bitcoin auction


About 5:00 in the morning of January 2nd, Gemini announced that today will be $13411.49 and $13265.72 respectively, 0.0735 and 20 of a bitcoin auction. Then, at about 6:00, Li Qiwei forwarded the announcement and said: “the trading volume is very low, CBOE Gemini bitcoin auction settlement platform based on the price, it is easy to manipulate.

In addition, the Chicago futures exchange settlement is based on index based, it is more difficult to control.” “If someone in the CBOE futures settlement, holding large positions, he will push the high bit coin in Gemini auction price, in order to obtain more profits.

A short futures will do the opposite. So by manipulating the bitcoin auction price can easily affect bitcoin futures prices, will also affect the Gemini spot trading prices, the bit currency prices will be very unstable.”