From $1000 to buy bitcoin why I never complain?

Nearing the end of 2018. From the price point of view, this year is no doubt a bear; and from the development point of view, this is definitely the most rapidly growing bitcoin year.

Bitcoin forum users have started drying out their story with bitcoin, why can share their bitcoin, introduces the basic concepts of bitcoin and bitcoin necessity.

The story: “I began to buy bitcoins from $1000”

I started to buy bitcoins from a few years ago, has never sold any currency. Those who advise when you sell $19 thousand bitcoin people obviously think bitcoin bitcoin is overpriced, whether 10 thousand or 100 thousand knife knife, they will advise you to sell coins. But the fact is that bitcoin can reach 19 thousand knife, then 30 thousand knife, 40 thousand knives…… Is not a problem.

When I first bought a bitcoin is in a frenzy, when the currency price exceeded 1000 US dollars, followed immediately below $200. But I was already attracted to bitcoin, every month fixed purchase of $1000 worth of bitcoin. I have witnessed the $200, $300, $500 in each period of bitcoin, but also suffer years of zero return pressure.

You ask what I think now?

I still insist on buying $2000 a month bitcoin. Within the next 5 years, I have no intention of selling. I really believe bitcoin, I think this is the best way for the long term, the value of assets. Maybe someone will tell you no reliable bitcoin stock, but they forget the stock market also broke up. Last month, NVIDIA shares fell nearly 50%.

Bitcoin is a parallel financial system. I am a free occupation, I accept bitcoin payments, because this way is more convenient and the cost is lower than PayPal.

Bitcoin destined for success. Other encryption currency will continue to exist after 10 years is unknown, but bitcoin will be in. Other encryption currency success even need to rely on bitcoin, because it is the “gold standard currency circle”.

Finally I want to say that the exchange show price may be misleading, may be manipulated, one owner can transfer a wallet with two of their own, it will be counted as trading volume. Therefore, I do not care about short-term price. I think the real price of bitcoin should be the average price for a year.

As for those keen to diss bitcoins are likely to have the following three kinds of mentality:

1. and they envy those rich people because bitcoin.

2. see now the price they can comfort yourself fortunately didn’t buy bitcoin.

3. shares fell aftermath. Many people criticized bitcoin investment in technology stocks or general electric this antique, these stocks are in decline, while diss bitcoin is a way to vent their emotions.

If you can do all of the FUD (worry, uncertainty, doubt) blind, then you should continue to invest in bitcoin.

Story 2: “why bitcoin is necessary?”

Bitcoin scarcity let people have the desire to hold. This leads to the increase in prices, thus attracting more and more people hold bitcoin. Bitcoin is only an even rising demand supply will not increase the assets, but also the only one kind of value can not be diluted assets. This is the story of hedge products, with the passage of time, the development of hedging products will silently.

This story has just begun, only when 10% people hold bitcoin, this story will end. Once the 10% people hold bitcoin, so naturally it will become a medium of exchange.

Bitcoin scarcity exceeds all assets in history, transferability is stronger, the fact that, compared with other assets, bitcoin will make the currency more easily.

I think the next 5 years, 10% of the population will be held bitcoin, bitcoin will begin to play a role in the global scope of the currency. 15 years for a new technology is sufficient to achieve universal coverage. In this Internet era, if bitcoin time needed is more than 15 years, it is abnormal.

The only way to prevent the spread of bitcoin is the world bank to return to the gold standard, because it will stifle bitcoins with respect to the application of legal tender value.

Story three: “one minute to explain why the fire bitcoin?”

Bitcoin is a digital currency, more specifically, it is a kind of encryption currency, based on cryptography algorithm. The output, transaction validation process relies on the encryption algorithm. The biggest advantage of bitcoin is that both parties do not need third-party intervention can also complete the transfer. This is a completely decentralized currency by a public account records transactions, there is fraud, your assets to be looted.

A minute with the advantages of bitcoin:

Free and instant transaction: bitcoin, can send and receive transactions whenever and wherever possible.

– lower fees: the current bitcoin payment fee is very low. The reason to add send the transaction costs are to be processed faster. The fee set higher, the faster the transaction confirmation time.

Information transparency: in the block chain, all transactions are open to the public, while the personal information is hidden. Your public address is visible; but not your personal information and address binding. Anyone can always verify the transaction chain block.

– eliminate fraud: encryption is a digital currency, can not be false, the transaction could not withdraw.

The possibility of zero – identity theft: encryption currency allows holders to businesses or send the recipient transactions, without the need for additional information.

Instant settlement: removal of bitcoin third-party audit, thus eliminating the steps of complicated transaction can achieve real-time settlement, the cost and time are a small part of the traditional asset transactions.

In 2018, this is perhaps the bitcoin history’s most memorable year. In this year, bitcoin prices fell, panic ensued. This allows us to understand that any valuable assets are up and down, the only technology is eternal. Although the price of bitcoin than at the end of last year fell sharply, but the overall trend is still rising; while around the progress of bitcoin around technology has not stopped.

In 2019, prices may be what we want to see, but it is not our only pursuit. In front of the critics, time will prove to them that the value of bitcoin.

After bitcoin plummeted, rose to $3800 price, whether a slap in the face to the candy?

After bitcoin plummeted, rose to $3800, whether a slap in the face to the candy?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! In the recent bitcoin plunged, can be said to let the currency circle of people are very miserable can be said to take Starving people fill the land. to describe much, the lowest price is more than $6000 from the price all the way down to $3200 price, this decline so many people suffered a lot.

However, 2018 12 June 19 essence 17 40 bitcoin price to $3816, can be said to be at the beginning of gradually picked up, but many people still think bitcoin may rise to $2 million price, even exceeded 2 million dollars. In recent years 2017 did this time, bitcoin price is very high, the highest price to 2 million dollars, but we don’t forget, bitcoin’s performance before we see is the price, a road in the fall!

As a spectator’s point of view if bitcoin bitcoin some time ago to $6000 the price fell to $3200, and now began to rise if it is like a we often hear a word is a slap in the face to the candy, so money circle of people will therefore continue. I believe the future of bitcoin potential? Sure it will, because many people are still very high price set with!

In fact, for bitcoin, many people do not have to care about what he called the future is to make money in the process to go through bitcoin skyrocketing in it, so simple, but there are too many people because of the burst of evil wind 2017 bitcoin scraper, a lot of people are still stuck in there. Then bitcoin is always in decline, the real people who own bitcoins can say many are fitted on the inside, it did not have much money from me to buy bitcoin population, we know that, as long as they can out, so no money does not matter, will not dare to touch!

Just as I see bitcoin when began to rise, ask a friend to hold bitcoin, he said that the price, compared to the decline it don’t have any hope at all, because of the relative, he entered the bitcoin market from the price of $17000, up to now waited for a year time, but did not see bitcoin really greatly rising trend, when he first entered the bitcoin market, is to hear people say the future of bitcoin can grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars, you think to enriched, who has been locked up to now.

Bitcoin whether there is a future at all? In fact, now digital currency market, digital currency appears more and more in our eyes, can see the price and other digital currency bitcoin price difference is very large, so if you really want to see bitcoin words from the angle of investment and other digital currency bitcoin to Bibi the advantage is much, because their price is very low, many people are able to afford. If so, for bitcoin want to break through the original price myth is difficult, because of a problem we should consider is the price of bitcoin must be real wealth to chase, the price to be able to imagine, when bitcoin reached $20 thousand and how many people have the economic strength to buy, after all, bitcoin audience circle is very small, for the life of our circle, is very narrow, it is enough to prove the future of bitcoin even up to a very high price, but also very few people can go, economic the strength to hold bitcoin, which limits the so-called bitcoin price myth!

For bitcoin or digital currency, what some of your opinions, comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

The daily planet | multiple EOS head DAPP attacks; France rejected the amendment cryptocurrencies tax cuts; the blockchain selected one of digital security technology industry in the direction of

 The daily planet | multiple EOS head DAPP attacks; France rejected the amendment cryptocurrencies tax cuts; the blockchain selected one of digital security technology industry in the direction of

The headlines

Today, a number of EOS head DAPP attacks, loss of over 5 million yuan

The evening of December 18th to 19 am, a EOS head DAPP attack. EOSMax, ToBet, BigGame and BetDice suffered a loss of 55000 transaction rollback attack, respectively EOS, 22000 EOS, 200000 14903.18EOS, EOS. In addition, hackers use replay attack vulnerabilities to attack the guessing game TRUSTBET, profit 11501 EOS. The EOS price of 18 yuan to calculate the total loss of 303404.18 EOS, a total of about 5 million 460 thousand yuan.

Digital currency

South Africa beyond Europe, becoming the highest encryption currency trading volume area

According to Tony Simonovsky analysis, South Africa has long been one of the countries with the highest amount of bitcoin transactions, taking into account all possible factors, it outperformed the European continent. In the first week of November as the basis for the analysis of South Africa, localbitcoins total of 152 bitcoin transactions. The same period, the European continent about 377 bitcoin transactions. On the surface, it seems more in continental Europe than in South Africa more than doubled. But careful observation data and the properties of these two markets, we can see clearly that South Africa’s performance is much better. Especially, considering the population difference, South Africa better than europe. South Africa has about 56 million residents, while Europe is about 750 million. Each one corresponds to 14 Europeans in South africa. The European economy is dozens of times of South Africa’s economy.

Block chain industry

Report: 2018 malicious software mining increased 1500%, can lead to low performance of equipment and shorten the battery life

According to the eSentire report, compared with 2017, a crypto currency boom in 2018 resulted in malicious software large-scale increase of 1500%. When users visit the site to run malicious code, malicious software will tap directly in the crypto currency infected endpoint device or network browser (usually Monero). Once infected, the malware will consume a large amount of processor time silent mining encryption currency, leading to poor equipment performance and shorten the battery life.

Application of block chain technology to promote China’s tax payment credit management of tax China publication “

The publication of “China tax application block chain technology to promote China’s tax payment credit management research”, based on research and application of tax credit and in the analysis of the domestic and outer block chain aspects, discusses the block chain technology to solve the current tax payment credit management difficulties and feasibility of the proposed design scheme evaluation and management system of payment credit tax block chain based on Technology: (a) focus on top-level design, improve the tax payment credit laws and regulations; (two) the construction of the tax (fee) big data platform, provide data support for the credit evaluation and management; (three) to achieve full coverage of credit management, improve credit evaluation mechanism and the evaluation results using the related policies and systems; (four) the application of intelligent block chain contract and incentive mechanism, construction of tax payment credit evaluation and dynamic management mechanism; (five) application block chain key technology, perfect the tax payment credit publicity system; (six) the application of block chain technology and big data technology, improve the tax payment and incentive and Joint Disciplinary mechanism.

The EOS exchange “fake prepaid” suggestion on protection of security company

In the morning the BetDice large head DApp suffered from attack by the rollback transaction, slow fog security team proposed EOS exchange and the center of the wallet in through the RPC interface get_actions hot wallet recharge records, check the recharge transaction where block_num is less than last_irreversible_block (the irreversible block), if block_num is greater than last_irreversible_block said the the block is still reversible, the existence of “false recharge” risk.

Global policy

Swiss financial market supervisory institutions approved by the Swiss bank Dukascopy ICO issued FINMA

The Swiss bank Dukascopy 19 announced that it has become the first Swiss financial market regulators approved FINMA ICO Swiss bank.

The British tax agency issued a detailed guide to how to pay attention to tax on personal assets with encryption

The tax agency has just released a detailed guide to report special attention on how to tax has encrypted personal assets, but no overview companies hold tokens or commercial use tokens to tax. The report will be encrypted currency as assets rather than money. How to treat the tokens for tax purposes, depending on its purpose, but not its definition.

Japan’s financial services agency will be approved as a registered Coincheck encryption currency exchange

The FSA said, based on the “capital settlement law”, will allow Coincheck to become a registered encryption currency exchange.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute set up a new industry standard block chain technology research group

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has set up a new industry standard group (ISG), in cooperation with the private block chain system, provide the basis for the new service. Currently 5 companies joined ISG is HUAWEI, Intel, Ericsson, Telefonica and Vodafone (Telefonica). ETSI said, ISG will analyze the distributed books license (private blockchain) deployed in various industries and the needs of government agencies.

The French veto to tax tax amendment encryption currency

The French National Assembly rejected a series of currency traders and users in order to reduce the encryption tax tax amendment. The rejected proposal relates to the annual exemption from 305 euros ($347) increased to 5000 euros and 3000 euros; another amendment did not get support, allowing capital gains tax in the current system of securities and the same basis and conditions. Amendment to distinguish normal activity and to encrypt the user to bring the preferential tax activities was also rejected, a crypto currency capital loss related proposal was also rejected. In addition, the amendment of article 16A of the also rejected the proposed amendment, only when the money is to sell encryption and extract to the bank account of the tax, rather than according to the encryption, converted into the value of the currency exchange law to tax.

The new law will ICO a year Russia personal investment limit of $9000

Russian lawmakers have revised a crypto currency bill industry supervision. In its latest version, on the draft law to raise public provisions of the maximum amount of ordinary Russians will be allowed to invest in ICO projects for less than 9000 dollars a year.

Block chain selected digital security technology industry in the direction of

According to the Ministry of information industry and the official news, December 15th, directed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Network Security Management Bureau, 2018 digital security ten hot contest conference jointly organized China Information Communication Research Institute, Chinese Institute of communications and China Internet association held in Chengdu. Artificial intelligence security industry, security industry chain block and artificial intelligence etc. in the chip industry.

Malta’s first block chain banks to be established

Malta financial technology company RnF Finance Limited will build the first block chain Bank of the country, the business will focus on the block chain and artificial intelligence technology companies in the industry, the bank has received regulatory approval, is expected to start business in the middle of next year.

Figure – voice

Bitcoin traders short yesterday announced to stop bitcoin short

Former International Monetary Fund economist and senior risk traders Mark Dow Faroe in bitcoin peak of $19511 at the start of the short, when he thought that bitcoin will not sustain its growth, the price will decline. Until December 18th, Dow announced on Twitter to stop bitcoin short, he said that this year has harvested two profit, and now finally decided to stop short, but he did not comment on whether this is because he is bullish.

Zhao Changpeng: next year plans to open an currency more than a dozen currency exchange, sell assets in bear market has not encrypted

Zhao Changpeng said in an interview, encryption currency is the true factors affecting the long-term investment in the future application, has nothing to do with the price. The coin does not change in strategy, next year plans to open more than a dozen currency exchange, is currently planning their own decentralized exchange; hope to have a prudent regulatory environment. Asked how many hands encryption assets, Zhao Changpeng said, all my money is still in the encryption market, now bear all obvious to people, but believe that the market will usher in a turning point.

PeckShield: today, four EOS guessing games for the same attacks by hackers to help

The evening of December 18th to 19 am, a EOS head DAPP attack. EOSMax, ToBet, BigGame and BetDice four games total loss of over 288329.85 EOS, the value of over 5 million yuan. Analysis shows that the PeckShield security personnel: four guessing games in a spate of attacks, and EOS Node loopholes, preliminary inference for the same help by hackers. The attack BetDice hnihpyadbunv created the account account eykkxszdrnnc, EOSMax and BigGame used to attack. The account eykkxszdrnnc has created a sub account kfexzmckuhat to attack ToBet. After a successful attack, and frequently create sub accounts to transfer the assets.

Ikigai hedge fund founder: the Fed’s action will have a significant impact on the development of encryption currency

The United States President Trump tweeted: I want to remind the Fed fed people before making a mistake to read today “Wall Street daily” editorial. In addition, don’t let the market become worse now than liquidity. Don’t say 50 billion. The feelings of the market, do not just look at the meaningless numbers. The Ikigai hedge fund founder Travis Kling forwarded the twitter and commented, I know we are in a brutal bear market, but do not forget, this kind of thing is extremely bullish in the direction of encryption currency. It will have an important impact on the future of ten years of development of encryption currency.

 The daily planet | multiple EOS head DAPP attacks; France rejected the amendment cryptocurrencies tax cuts; block of digital security technology industry chain in ten directions

Some opinions about bitcoin these years, why is there such a high price?

Some opinions about bitcoin these years, why is there such a high price?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! Today we still continue to talk to bitcoin, we believe that for bitcoin, is very concerned about the price, when bitcoin soared, many people will be very happy, even if you didn’t buy very happy, similarly, bitcoin fell when they are in fear to buy bitcoin, because of a mental state that is watching.

In fact, since the birth of bitcoin, we found that the concept of bitcoin is very good, but he and our real life have an introduction to the contrary, because it is not difficult to find bitcoin, just want to through a network platform to realize the world monetary unification, but the reality is completely different, because we can see bitcoin now, also is we need real life money to trade or exchange, this is completely contrary to his presence this is completely contrary to the truth of its existence, but now people use bitcoin speculation, is to make money only, I believe many people are such views, and not for the so-called bitcoin future to participate in the.

In fact, block chain technology is also in order to achieve a more fair and fair link, as the starting point of the digital currency, just one block chain technology, the concept of it, but some people say that digital money can replace the future is indeed true, because digital currency to replace the US is now used for money only, avoid the waste of resources, a currency but not for speculation, can be said that the concept of them is completely different!

While the earliest bitcoin worth, I believe we all know, it is of no value, but the value of it is for people to give it, but in a short period of ten years, we see bitcoin as is currently the highest price of digital currency, this increase can be said to be let many people do not understand, we also do not understand! Because bitcoin and we touch something of value, it’s a completely different concept, firstly it is not an entity, is a virtual thing inside an Internet, but when it comes to practical value, it will take us ordinary people do not understand the value of antiques, ordinary people get an antique, it can also be used as decorative items, although I don’t know the value of it, but bitcoin, it is present in the Internet inside one without any substance, can be said to be a little practical value are not, however, bitcoin was able to arrive at today’s prices, so many people are puzzled!

So what is the future of bitcoin and good prospect, we’ll take a look at it, the essence of digital currency now on the market is very much is produced by block chain technology, we can imagine that the same technology made out of things, he can value very much the money and the other is not valuable, but the technology is exactly the same, there is no advantage at all, so in the future, many people will understand this truth, since bitcoin can rise to such a high price, so other digital currencies can, and other digital currencies the price than bitcoin it to low a lot, so, in bitcoin people will also consider what is in order to see bitcoin’s future prospects, or to make money? As can be imagined, this idea has figured out that bitcoin future prospects can be said to be very worrying!

For bitcoin or digital currency, you have what kind of view? The comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

Bloomberg: Tether has a stable currency reserves of billions of dollars

 Bloomberg: Tether has a stable currency reserves of billions of dollars

A study of the latest Bloomberg show that the market has been speculation that Tether does not have the stability of billions of dollars, but these fears are unfounded.

The study pointed out that in January 21, 2018, Tether in Puerto Rico (American autonomous prefecture) $2 billion 200 million Noble bank account. The same day, according to CoinMarketCap data show that the amount of USDT in the market circulation of $2 billion 195 million. A Bloomberg survey further pointed out that 9 2017 and 10 month data are consistent with the actual data.

Tether has claimed its currency behind the steady release of USDT billions of dollars to support the market, skeptical of Tether real dollar reserves, the main selling point is $1:1 and digital currency pegs, many people think that Tether is not actually a lot of cash to support USDT.

But Bloomberg analysis of the Tether bank statement, that these doubts and fears do not exist.

The four single month bank shows details of cash held in bank accounts on the bill Tether. According to informed sources, some of which have been approved by regulatory agencies of bank account audit. Where is the most suspicious when Tether issued a USDT, whether at the ratio of 1:1 to the bank deposit 1 dollars. While these documents do not provide a complete record of Tether financial statements, but they do provide more detail than the previous public information.

For example, according to Coinmarketcap data show that in January 31, 2017, Tether had $2 billion 200 million in deposits at Noble bank account, the amount of USDT Tether on the day of the issuance of the cumulative 2 billion 195 million. The number of total deposits of $9 2017 and 10 Tether and the month issued by USDT are also matched. Tether and Bitfinex (encrypted currency exchange), by the same number of all executives and business. According to informed sources, the bank statement also shows that after becoming the only platform between USDT users trading liquidity in Bitfinex last year.

There are a lot of Tether assets transparent concerns, if you search on Google “Tether is a hoax?” Will bring thousands of results. These news reports are analyzed and reported on Tether asset transparency. In January this year, CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) issued a summons to Tether and Bitfinex to check their bank in the presence of the appropriate cash reserves on the market, whether Tether is a hoax discussion also increased.

But the current situation of Tether bank account investigation CFTC cannot be determined, CFTC Elliot spokesman Erica Richardson declined to comment.


To be sure, Bloomberg comments these banks did not show on the bill, Tether funds or capital position now. The bank is the access to the company’s financial statements provide records of bills, but a government official has confirmed the authenticity of the bank bills. Wells Fargo Bank in 2017 in the United States (Wells Fargo & Co. Tether) after cut bank agency business, Tether and Bitfinex have lost many of the bank’s business in its development in the past three years, including a number of banks in Taiwan.

Tether and Bitfinex’s general counsel Stuart Hoegner declined to comment on Tether’s cash balance at the bank. About the CFTC investigation, he wrote in an e-mail: “as a great importance to the legal and compliance obligations of the company, we are unable to Tether and Bitfinex of the public comment, also cannot recognize the existence of a summons or similar legal requirements.”

Invisible Waves

If the Tether does not have enough cash to support, will bring huge influence to the encryption of money market. The Tether value of 19 billion dollars, is the world’s No. 6 most valuable encryption currency. According to estimates the blockchain data analysis firms Blockspur, in exchange bitcoin transactions at least 30% by USDT to the.

Tether is a quasi bank, because many encryption currency exchange can not guarantee or reserve bank account. And must through the agent bank transfer $different, Tether can be in the absence of traditional financial institutions or government involvement in the case of transfer to anywhere in the world.

In addition to Tether’s cash reserves of Tether market concerns, there is another worry is that it is possible to manipulate the price of bitcoin. According to Bloomberg News reported last month, the U.S. Justice Department is investigating last year bitcoin rapid rise to $20 thousand by Tether USDT trading stimulus. Therefore, even if regulators of Tether are satisfied, Tether can prove that it has the corresponding dollar store, but this does not mean that the investigation of the Tether has been removed, because there are about Tether manipulate bitcoin price investigation.

According to the bank statement, Tether opened a Noble account in September 2017, expanding from zero deposit in September 1st to $392 million in September 30th. According to Freedman CPA (Friedman LLP) a review of unedited report, this month in the Bank of Montreal (Bank of Montreal) to the general counsel herzner (Hoegner) on behalf of the $60 million 900 thousand cash. A total of $459 million 200 thousand. In September 30, 2017, 435 million USDT. Bloomberg tried to contact Friedman LLP to verify the authenticity of the data, but did not get a response.

The latest Tether statement shows that from the beginning of July 2018, according to the month of July 1st amounted to $1 billion 900 million at the beginning of the end of July 30th, $210 million. Because the Tether company will transfer funds to the Bahamas Deltec Ltd. BankTrust, balancesfell. Familiar with Deltec and Noble tried to contact the lawyer to verify the data, but has not yet responded.


At the beginning of 2017, the Bank of Taiwan lost business led to Tether significant changes, Tether executives decided not to allow the public to buy or sell directly from Tether USDT, from now on, only the Bitfinex can issue from the people there to buy the USDT Bitfinex exchange to investors only through the sale of USDT.

At the end of 2017, bitcoin prices surged to $20000, investors demand for USDT has greatly increased. At the beginning of 2017, Tether market capitalization of about $10 million; by the end of 2017, rose to $1 billion 300 million market capitalization. This means that a huge amount of money to capital flow between the Tether and Bitfinex support, which is the Noble bank has played a key role in the proof of place, the flow of funds exist.

In July 6, 2017, Bitfinex to Tether out of 100 million USDT. Noble bank statement shows that the same day, Tether paying Bitfinex $100 million. In July 20th, Bitfinex for 50 million USDT for $50 million. In July 24th, 100 million USDT exchanged for $100 million.

Another complained that the money market is the promise of Tether encryption for the official audit of the accounts, but never follow up. On the contrary, it issued two financial data reporting, but two reports do not prove that they are the true audit reports. One report or by former FBI Director Luis Free (Louis Freeh) co founded the company completed. These two reports are not involved in Noble bank bank for details of the bill.

The Noble bank’s internal processes may prove that Tether holds its claim to the dollar reserves. This is because each issue or redemption USDT, Omni layer transaction will open records in bitcoin blockchain. According to informed sources, Noble bank requires these records as the transfer of funds between the Tether and the Bitfinex account certificate. Tether said these records can be used as an audit trail, once regulators on the summons will be submitted to CFTC. Tether said that regulators spent about six months to check and verify the authenticity of these transactions.

Tether said in November 1st this year, it holds $1 billion 800 million of funds deposited in bank Deltec. Noble bank statement shows that during the period from July 12th to July 20th, a $1 billion 370 million cash outflow from Noble bank.

The bank statement also shows Tether how much money from the cash reserve. According to the data show that in July this year, since the beginning of this year, Tether has won $6 million 600 thousand in interest.

EOS game swept over 5 million yuan of hacker attacks, what is the one thing?

 EOS game Super swept 500 million hacker attacks, what is the one thing?

The evening of December 18th to 19 am, a EOS head DAPP attack. EOSMax, ToBet, BigGame and BetDice from transaction rollback attack, the loss of 55000 EOS and 22000 EOS respectively, 14903.18EOS, EOS 200000. In addition, hackers use replay attack vulnerabilities to attack the guessing game TRUSTBET, profit 11501 EOS. A few games a total loss of 303404.18 EOS, with EOS to estimate the price of 18 yuan, a total of about 5 million 460 thousand yuan.

Attack a few games for basic EOS head with active guessing games. According to PeckShield reports, the guessing games BetDice nearly a week of daily activity over 5000 people, the trading volume is over 50 million EOS.

PeckShield founder Jiang Xuxian said that behind this attack is the same groups or individuals. The attack BetDice hnihpyadbunv created the account account eykkxszdrnnc, EOSMax and BigGame used to attack. The account eykkxszdrnnc has created a sub account kfexzmckuhat to attack ToBet. After a successful attack, and frequently create sub accounts to transfer the assets.

For the attack, Jiang Xuxian to the daily planet Odaily said, ECAF EOS is expected to recover from difficult, has been involved in 1808 accounts, the amount is still increasing.

The attack on it?

PeckShield security researchers believe that EOSMax, ToBet, BigGame and BetDice these four guessing games are attacks, Node and EOS were about the existence of loopholes.

Hold the same view as EOS MAX, according to IMEOS.ONE reports, EOS MAX announced EOS Node, said it was due to the existence of loopholes in the game, not the existence of loopholes in the contract.

According to the unnamed sources revealed to the daily planet Odaily, this transaction rollback attack and project NodeOS opened speculative mode, developers need to shut down the mode to avoid the attack (to open speculative mode, can be simply understood as the exchange rate can be improved, but the security will reduce).

For the specific process of the transaction rollback attack, head of the Goh MEET.ONE Odaily told the daily planet, think the attack process is as follows:

1. hacker B to the game by attacking the contract contract account A transfer contract game bet, real-time lottery, award for account A.

Node 2. game began to contract B use EOS network synchronization C deal.

3. attack contract account A assert, super node without package C, all nodes rollback transaction C.

4. hackers access to C data transaction, if the bet wins, the normal execution of a transaction C if it fails to start the next attack.

The coin between “Punchinello” share an inferred Canon and MYKEY technical team for the survey based rollback attack:

The attack is to seize the DAPP node to read and write without separation of vulnerabilities, hackers use DAPP to read the node directly send the transaction, then the node will be the first to perform logic calculation of DICE results, if a hacker win that will not make any operation, such as the node to node broadcast synchronization block will win. If the hacker loses, hackers simultaneously send a transfer operation to the current block is the main node, let the account balance is not enough to complete the deal earlier, then the deal will be previously abandoned, so hackers will not lose.

The use of the traditional way: double!

DAPP should check whether the read and write and read about the separation of nodes is set to read-only.

At present, according to the IMEOS.ONE report, had suffered attacks and suspended transaction rollback operation EOSMax, solve after investigation, and BP team to discuss the program, have been successfully repair the problem, has been restored to service. The team will be used to read and write separate ways to fix the problem, read by read-only node, write by another node to avoid rollback transaction vulnerabilities.

In addition, the replay attack vulnerabilities suffered by TRUSTBET, PeckShield security staff believes that this is a first appeared in the EOS DApp ecological early form of attack, because the lottery random algorithm developers to design flaws, the attacker can take advantage of loopholes in the repeated contract award, is a relatively low-level error.

How to see the industry?

For this attack, head of the Goh MEET.ONE Odaily told the daily planet, this is not the first time EOS was attacked, and even attack tactics and discovered vulnerabilities are not technically difficult. Can only say that EOS ecological development very fast, but the project research and development capabilities and security capabilities lag. For the EOS project, the production environment is the best test environment , constantly encountered problems need continuous iteration.”

The white Xiaoxiang Odaily matrix founder Wu Daily Planet said, EOS’s vision is good, but needs more stable may be more suitable for developers. The mechanism design of EOS problems, for example, can replace the contract, the lack of access restrictions on developers. In addition, EOS also reflects the existing problems of BP long time. However, the recent release of EOS side chain, BM also launched the wasm interpreter, scan code login PC end of the Dapp, will be improved in terms of security, will continue to focus on EOS.

For this attack, there are people from the ecological point of view is given EOS. DappReview CEO Odaily Niu Fengxuan to the daily planet said, this is a very big accident, but since this morning to see, node and multiple occurrence attack game project began as a study, how to solve the problem. Moreover, BetDice also friendly reminder of their competitors. These benign behavior is very helpful for the ecological construction of EOS.

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Bitcoin again, rose to $3700, when can return to 20000 of the price?

Bitcoin again, rose to $3700, when can return to the price of 20000

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! Bitcoin’s recent slump, can be said to be so many people are eating, there are a lot of people have lost confidence in bitcoin, because compared to 2017 prices, bitcoin is down $10 thousand and 5, so many people are called bitcoin’s future is not understand.

In fact, since the birth of bitcoin, around the countless halo appeared in front of us, but it is the earliest any value, some people began to participate in play until later, began to have value, but the value is very low, with a worthless to describe too as before, but why can value so much money, I believe that not many people can say why.

Crazy fell bitcoin, also let many people see the true face of bitcoin, how many people are looking forward to bitcoin can rise to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in price, but in fact we see now the price of bitcoin in just one year time fell to more than 3000 the price of $, the fact that many people are unable to accept, but also there are a lot of people hold the future of bitcoin can grow very exaggerated price of hope.

That for bitcoin, whether there are prospects for the future, we can say, we have to analyze it, now the development of block chain technology, research and development for many companies are involved in the chain block technology, but the digital currency on the market is also more and more, we can see a lot of digital currency in our at present, while their prices relatively bitcoin is very large.

In fact, we are not difficult to see, now bitcoin prices continued to decline, the impact is because the birth of other digital currencies, because other digital currencies to development, so they need to attract more people to participate in them, then for bitcoin will influence, obviously, so bitcoin will the way down. If bitcoin to return to US $20 thousand, or, for a very long time, or is now playing bitcoin increased the confidence of the people can truly return.

Now many people are beginning to understand the digital currency, bitcoin digital currency inside the circle, also did not like the original is so miraculous, then the impact of bitcoin future if other digital currencies is certainly a great impact on the play, after all digital currency circle is so narrow, because both the bitcoin good, or other digital currencies or enter into this circle inside people are wanted by currency speculation money only, if according to the current bitcoin such a dynamic point of view, it has the advantage of anti and no other digital currencies, so have advantage, after all, is thinking about making money instead, the real value of the future.

For bitcoin or digital currency, you have what kind of view? The comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

Bitcoin in 3 days soared 18%, approaching $3800: how the market will do next?

Since December 17th, in less than three days, bitcoin Against the From $3181 soared to $3776 dollars, or more than 18%.

In the Coinbase and Bitstamp encryption currency to the legal currency trading platform, bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC) have been modified slightly to $3700, but the dominant encryption currency exceeded $3700 mark, the main resistance prompted analysts to consider the possibility of a test of the $3800 – $4200 range bit.

Since December 17th, in less than three days, bitcoin soared from $3181 to $3776, or more than 18%.

In the Coinbase and Bitstamp encryption currency to the legal currency trading platform, bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC) have been modified slightly to $3700, but the dominant encryption currency exceeded $3700 mark, the main resistance prompted analysts to consider the possibility of a test of the $3800 – $4200 range bit.

Yesterday, bitcoin prices hovering at around $3500, a pseudonym for “dog” (Crypto Dog) encryption currency traders said, if bitcoin lost power, it could fall below $3400 mark, may rise to $3800.

Analysts say:

BTC consolidation below the resistance. If we lose the power, I hope to get $3400 in support. I was worried. Suddenly, I saw a $3800.

Since then, bitcoin has shown strong signs of a breakthrough $3800 resistance level. Since last December, the first week, bitcoin has been unable to break through the resistance.

Because of the serious oversold, bitcoin prices may rise sharply in the past week. Since November 28th, bitcoin dollar exchange rate continued to decline, experienced a sharp sell-off in a sell-off is not high.

As the market began to show the extreme oversold conditions, many of the major assets began to rebound correction of encryption, and ultimately promote the market valuation soared.

Those bits from the top short currency (approximately 1.95 million) traders also began to cash positions, they estimate the bitcoin Trading Center At the bottom of the medium-term between $3000 to $4000.

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Bitcoin reached a record high in 2019?

As everyone knows, the password is not particularly in the industry’s most profitable moment. However, although the password market has fallen into a terrible situation, but there are still some people believe that the situation will be reversed, and even a record high. Including the Japanese currency trading platform encryption quinone (Quinone) CEO Mike kahiya Murray (Mike Kayamori).

Kayamori in an interview with Bloomberg Television said that by the end of 2019, bitcoin will reach a record high. Although 2019 is promising, but in 2018 but there’s no hope at all, because the market is bearish all year encryption. Bitcoin, a record high of $20 thousand a week before Christmas in 2017, since then has been steadily falling.

Kayamori encryption market current situation due to the lack of new ideas, “said not what new things, no catalyst to promote market development. However, he expects the situation will start to get better next year, especially in japan. The Japanese stock exchange has been adapted to the new regulations, while the country is entering the field of encryption industry participants to prepare.

Japan launched in the investor protection regulatory measures have been taken at the same time, quiet but positive measures to increasing the use of encryption currency. Earlier this month, the Japanese local news media reported that Japan’s financial services agency (JFSA) plans to regulate the issuance of tokens for the first time.

In the interview, Kayamori added, bitcoin’s performance is even worse than many people expected. He said, people generally believe that the $4000 mark will be at the bottom of bitcoin. When asked what he thinks is the bottom line of technology, he said: I don’t know. No one can do. However, when you observe the historical patterns and developments, I think the bottom is not far away.

Kayamori believes that although he expects bitcoin will rebound in the second half of this year, but this may not occur in the near future. However, he said, with fidelity (Fidelity Digital Asset Services digital Asset Services Company), Bakkt and a series of other investors to focus on products available in early 2019, “new momentum and popularity” will be able to promote the sharp rebound in bitcoin.

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Bitcoin prices finally back to temperature, the price back to $6000?

Set micro network news, 12 Sept. 19, according to Bloomberg, Mike Novogratz CEO Galaxy Digital said the bank encryption currency, bitcoin will rebound, prices will fluctuate between 3000 to 6000 U.S. dollars.

As of today (19) afternoon, CoinDesk display, bitcoin rose 7.72% to $3712.72; Ethernet currency rose 10.04% to $101.08; Wright currency rose 7.65% to $30.16; reboxetine currency rose 11.38% to $0.36.

Mike Novogratz said that although the 2018 virtual currency performance frustrating, but I believe that bitcoin will not continue to fall, bitcoin will become digital gold, such as solid gold, as a store of value.

He also stressed that in the world of economic turmoil, macro trading environment has become more interesting than digital currency market. In the foreseeable future, bitcoin price may be $3000 to $6000.

Digital currency prices have fallen by about 75%. At the beginning of December this year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it will postpone the approval of financial technology company SolidX Partners and Asset Management Co Van Eck, the proposed encryption currency ETF application; affected by this news, other encryption currency bitcoin prices fell.

As early as the end of November, the chairman of the SEC Jay Clayton has pointed out that the crypto currency must first solve the lack of market supervision, price manipulation, easy to be stolen and other issues, it may release the encryption currency ETF listed. (check /Aki)