28000 dollars a bitcoin, the boy has 100000, how is he now?

At present, the price of bitcoin is still very hot, from the lowest 28000 this year to 180000. The value of bitcoin has increased by more than six times in a short year. Just ask, what kind of project can have such a speed of value-added, so the value of bitcoin has increased several million times since its birth. So ten years ago, he was lucky enough to keep some coins in his hand. Now he is also a multi million and multi billion millionaire. An ordinary man named Li Xiaolai did it. He chose to buy 100000 bitcoins when others were not optimistic. In just a few years, the sudden rise of bitcoin made this young man become famous overnight and become the richest man in bitcoin, with a value of over 100 billion yuan His success is just a little bit more bitcoin than others. So mining is the way to obtain bitcoin with the lowest cost, so participating in mining is like the process of producing currency, and it is also the process of miners maintaining the blockchain. The more miners participate, the more valuable the coins we dig. Because of its high consensus, it is very necessary to be able to hoard some more coins at present. At present, bitcoin has skyrocketed to 180000, and the current price is only the beginning. Then in the next year, bitcoin will rise again, and this appreciation will be a new record. Therefore, we should do a good job in the current situation, so how to obtain it now can be searched If Lao Wang talks about currency circles, you can know.

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