31 Chinese enterprise financial block chain alliance, Tencent and peace are included

31 Chinese enterprise financial block chain alliance, Tencent and peace are included

The recent development of China enterprises set up a new block to block chain chain alliance is committed to science and technology, the China financial services company of Ping An Group and social software QQ joined Tencent Inc.

The financial block chain of Shenzhen alliance is formally established in May 31st in Shenzhen, in order to explore the application of block chain technology. Ping An group itself is a member of the global R3 block chain alliance, block chain alliance in the past year and a half has been around the securities clearing and asset market use case.

In addition to Ping An Group and Tencent Inc, 31 of the total members include other financial and technology companies. These members of the scope of business including asset market technology, securities trading, trading platform, life insurance and bank, all of these industries are considered a potential field block chain technology.

It said members of the organization also has some system. In addition to providing a forum for the exchange of information and sharing, participation and collaboration on the project the company will use the financial case block chain technology based on the creation of groups within the scope of.

It is said that there are special plans to develop the securities trading platform prototype and to explore the digital asset, credit registration and invoice management service.

Ping An Group Chief Innovation Officer DanielTu company will be involved in the positioning of the window for financial innovation.

Tu said: “we want to take this opportunity to the local financial and Internet companies to explore the application of protocol block chain technology in the China.”

The May summit is the main election executive leadership alliance and its architecture, including joint research and development of the concept of execution.

The group is Chinese second similar alliance organization. At the beginning of the May establishment of the ChinaLedger alliance is a nonprofit research organization universal block chain laboratory and Ethernet VitalikButerin and R3 square Founder researchers established TimSwanson as a consultant.

There are many recent trends, including the payment of enterprise Circle to Chinese expansion, and bitcoin mining chip supplier luyitong Avalon is a listed company acquisition, that is very likely in the few months will see progress in bitcoin and block the China chain.

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