40 years of reform and opening up, the “elevator” of people and things

He shot gun before the bullet hit you for a long time.

– Introduction

Today is the 40th anniversary anniversary of the reform and opening up. Bitcoin late rally came.

Yesterday everybody was this picture scraper.

In December 17, 2017, bitcoin boarded its currency — $20000 top students “.

Specifically, this value is obtained in the Korea exchange, as everyone knows, the price of “Korea exchange currency premium pickled cabbage”. Even with the Coinmarketcap data, there are $19535.

At that time, people talk about bitcoin and block chain, adhere to the “change” of “subversion”, as if a high iron column speeding, eager to the future.

Nobody noticed it, for it is the future, as it is unknown.

Coincidentally, a year later, is just the 40th Anniversary Conference of reform and opening up. Bitcoin is only $more than 3000, once said “change” “subversion” of people who went where?


The continuous failure of entrepreneurs

This year, bitcoin fell to $3200 from $20000 minimum, up 85% decline.

While the market value ranked second in the ETH is more brutal, from $711 in December 17, 2017, the highest peak in January 15, 2018 rose to $1389, now only $87, fell to 88%, the biggest decline in 94%.

Or, the code or code, but fell out of all the monsters and freaks of all descriptions.

“Don’t say out” Xu Xiaoping disappeared in 400 of the population, “the banker” Du were golden finance known as the 3 million Shangneng waning support 3 years.

Big brother and sister had a variety of industries gathered in the party, now mostly organizers from hi.

Once glory into the brightest sun day tens of thousands of the main group, now have to find a project to start operation.

A TOP1 V even once called the price million, also picked up the unrelated advertising industry.

“Out to know who is swimming naked, block chain of this industry, all in the nude.

Strange? It is not surprising. This is a big wave of blockchain bigwigs, you think what?

A bitcoin “the most famous man” Li Xiaolai, most of the assets and reputation actually comes from his knowledge of the course fee.

Zhao Changpeng Xu Mingxing Li Lin Chen Weixing Zhong Yi Li Warburg, who suddenly block chain net worth hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs, in addition to rich in disorderly fashion after 90, before the Internet is often a serial entrepreneur.

The so-called “continuous” entrepreneurs “continuous failure” of entrepreneurs.


How can you get on to the 10 floor?

Continuous failure, and why “success”? Recharge faith speech and story heard more, but the real answer I am afraid now everyone has several.

Tell a story about Mr C often:

3 people go to the 10 floor meeting, into the elevator, one begins to do push ups, one run in place, a man with his head on the wall. The elevator door opened, people ask: how do you come?

One answer: I do push ups. One answer: I ran up. One answer: my head against the wall.

So the question is: what is going on up here?

To answer this question, You’ll see. those “continuous failure” why entrepreneurs succeed in block chain.

Today is the 40th anniversary anniversary of the reform and opening up. The 40 years of the fruits of Mr. C not 11 reviews.

The reform and opening up the super large “elevator” does make a lot of people, including the most famous, we are very familiar with, but also on the “100 reform pioneer” list.

Needless to say, those who do not mention those raging like a storm, at a crucial moment, all in the past. Over the past 40 years, we attach importance to struggle, we said China dream, looking at the “American Dream” movie, never thought:

If the elevator will stop?


Who is the “lift” stop?

Luo Yonghao encountered this problem: “hammer” the elevator stopped.

CBNT17 18:45 hearing, to save the hammer technology, Luo Yonghao has contacted Baidu, HUAWEI, Ali and other aspects, seek to offer, but the first two are not settled, and Ali also price stalemate.

A kind of currency and circle the richest Li Xiaolai, Luo was also a teacher of English, with witty become network KOL. What is different, but realized in different ways, take the “lift” is not the same.

2012 years 4 months old, in their English Luo an office, launched the hammer mobile phone. The same benefit from the outlet to the unfamiliar street Tang Yan Luo 9 million, eventually a total of 10 million Angel round of investment.

“Lift” is coming. In 2013, the air station in intelligent mobile phone. 360 Zhou Hongyi, Jia Yueting music as also can not wait to enter the smart mobile phone field.

He got on the elevator trip. After get 7000 million 1.8 million A round of financing, B round of financing, the loss of 4.62 billion in 2015 years, the hammer still get the billion level C round of financing.

What’s more, in 2016, as the capital chain is a problem situation, the hammer can actually get 1 hundred million financing from the hand of Jia Yueting.

Is more difficult than to take money from the hands of Jia Yueting from the local government’s money, Luo has also done. In August 2017, Chengdu to hammer technology financing of 1 billion yuan, which is 600 million yuan from the Chengdu government fund. To this end, the company moved to Chengdu luo.

From the financing path of the hammer, it is not difficult to see that the financial community are closely related.

Growth in the financial community is reduced, and the social retail sales growth has dropped faster. Tongsudeshuo, no blood transfusion, sales more difficult.

The elevator will stop.

After more than a year, including 1 billion hammer spent 600 million yuan financing from Chengdu government funds.

The online news, hammer technology due to uncollectible receivables in November, wages can not be issued. Plans to lay off 60%. 12 month 10 day, some friends broke the news, in a Beijing science and technology office downstairs, a dozen people holding a hammer technology but also my hard-earned money “leaflets.

The latest information shows that legal person no longer hold Luo hammer.

Listen, the elevator emergency stop when a clanging sound bang.


Who is the “lift” stop?

It happens that there is a similar case。

In the reform and opening up the opening of the super 40 people on the elevator, there are many have heard the stop bang when sound.

Have ofo under the 11 round of financing, once again standing at the edge of death. In turn, the block chain net loan failed, Dai Wei said: “the company will not collapse, others are likely to.” Ofo founding team of investors in the help of government officials, and Ali, drops, CITIC Industrial Fund, DST set up ofo Debt Restructuring Committee.

Recently, has questioned the voice continued to Wei ES8, the first car owners demanded.

Today is the “pioneer of reform” of the title of the BAT at the helm of the people more and more silent and well behaved, but at the end of 2018, is the hot financial technology contracted by Liu Qiangdong. The prosecution has not been charged, but this mistake has made his reputation and the Jingdong’s share price plummeted.

Examples are too many to be too numerous to enumerate. As for the block chain without lifting, industry itself is just sit on the elevator stopped for example.

At the end of last year, the major institutions in 2018, the end of the year turned out to look, not only without a hit, even wrong.

Today Mr C saw the prospect of New Times Securities 2019 annual macroeconomic policy for economic depression “,” direct title.

Not turn back to peak road but the peak has been back, but not falling stone water must fall.

He shot gun before the bullet hit you for a long time.

See CBNT on the sentence as the end:

“At the end of December 2017, when you think of a new gold for ten years is about to open, may have entered the fate of sight. At the end of December 2018, when you think will fall into the iron age, the new continent is also formed.”


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