6 bitcoin debit card comparison of advantages and disadvantages

6 bitcoin debit card comparison of advantages and disadvantages

Maybe in 2025, the vast majority of people will be the mainstream of the world, like using a PayPal to use Bitcoin . But Rome is not built in a day, bitcoin in the past seven years, great progress has been made. However, bitcoin advanced payment system, the present stage still depends on the debit card in 50s of last century technology.

Today, we have to compare the market performance of 6 bitcoin debit card best.


If you browse the BitPlastic site, you will see a sign that reads: “the world’s only bitcoin debit card”. BitPlastic was the first bitcoin debit card I know, as early as in 2013, they launched this service.

BitPlastic debit card with a bitcoin wallet, an online shopping card (which allows you to accept bitcoin payments on their website), and PayPal trading function. The debit card does not require any authentication. They are compatible with the TOR web service. BitPlastic actually encourages you to use pseudonyms and TOR mail service. Because it does not need your ID card information, your name is not printed on the card. This is a double-edged sword, because you can anonymously take money from ATM, but it may be hard to find a willing to accept anonymous card offline businesses.

Many websites can’t handle a name card. BitPlastic is using Visa card service, but if you lose the card, it also means you lose your bitcoin.

Want to use the debit card price is not small, the cost of the card is as high as 0.25 BTC (now $150), so it is so far, you can buy the most expensive a debit card. The daily withdrawal limit of $200 ATM. ATM withdrawal fee is $1.5, but will bitcoin turn into cash also need to pay 5% of the transfer fee.

Moreover, the current BitPlastic only provides the bitcoin dollar options.

As the world’s first bitcoin debit card, BitPlastic should be respected, but the market has achieved great development, BitPlastic should update the website description.


Shift, Dwolla, Visa and Coinbase wallet are interrelated, so it has a solid user base.

Shift is the area’s first bitcoin debit card, its benefits include a flexible mobile application, Shift is free in the domestic trade, from bitcoin into legal tender will not have a conversion fee. The card is priced at $10.

But this card problem is not small. It supports only 45 states in the United States customers. In no case verification, the daily limit is $1000, but if you submit verification documents and contact them, you can increase the limit. The user account Dwolla ATM daily withdrawal limit of $500, while Coinbase users limit only $200.

Shift is a good debit card, but it can only be used in the United States, and the only support the dollar a currency, in addition, it also has a spending limit……


Since the beginning of last year, Wirex has been renamed E-Coin card. The advantages of Wirex include a flexible mobile application, which supports multi currency (the dollar, euro and pound), in addition, the use of Wirex online shopping will not exist limit.

The potential downside: SMS notification fee monthly, the average cost is higher than that of the Wirex card debit card (physical card fee is $17, for the virtual online shopping card will be charged $3, not in) verification, the card ATM cash withdrawal limit for the amount of $1000, the largest the load is $2500, after verification, ATM card and load limit will be removed.

According to my personal experience, in the limit of ATM and is the same as last year. Now E-Coin card customer support is bad, since the rebranding, it may have changed, but I still feel a bit disappointed.

Wirex is the only one to use bitcoin MasterCard debit card, instead of Visa. In some markets, MasterCard has been considered bitcoin rivals, bitcoin users may not want to support MasterCard, and Visa is a larger network.


XAPO is another veteran bitcoin community, as early as 2013, the company began operations. Xapo provides services in major markets, including Chinese, Japan, Canada and britain.

XAPO in most African countries (excluding South Africa) and the United States did not provide the service, the main reason is that regulatory barriers.

The advantages of XAPO is that you hold his bitcoin wallet and Xapo “vault”, and their use is free. Xapo of the treasury function has good security, using encryption technology, offline storage technology advanced.

The XAPO account also allows you to directly purchase five currencies To buy bitcoin , this card can also be converted into bitcoin dollar, sterling or euros.

Including the potential problem: the high cost ($20), according to your position, you may receive card time for 35 days or more (in Europe, will be faster) one year after use, users also need to pay the cost of. The limits on ATM and Wirex are the same. Each ATM transaction limit of $200 in identity verification before the daily limit of $200, the total amount of 1000 dollars, after authentication to remove all restrictions.


If you search for “Bitcoin debit cards on Google” (bitcoin debit card) of the word, then the CryptoPay card is in the first row. Does this mean that it is the best? Don’t worry, we have to compare.

The advantages of CryptoPay card including access to three major currencies, you can use these money or coins to buy this card to, and in the world, it is the mail bag. In Europe the users, their delivery time will be faster, which is about 5 working days.

The price of $15, slightly higher than the average market price, if you are in a hurry, they also offer a 3 day express delivery service, but the price may be as high as $75. Similar to Wirex, if you are using a “virtual” card online payment, then the monthly fee of $2.5 will be given, in addition, it will receive 1% recharge fee.


Finally, we look at the latest market bitcoin debit card debit card products BitPay. This card has only three months, one of my personal users is this card.

The advantages of BitPay card include: in the absence of verified cases, the highest limit is currently on the market, each card can accommodate up to $25000 and $3000 a day, the amount of withdrawals, time limit of $750. Therefore, in general, users do not need to authenticate.

The card does not need to provide documents, at a cost of $9.95. You can put bitcoin directly into the card, and change your PIN also do not need to pay the costs (most cards need to pay $1).

Of course, there are also disadvantages of BitPay debit card, it is only applicable to the citizens of the United States, in addition, you only use bitcoin to buy it, money is not supported.

My personal experience is that this card is what I want bitcoin debit card. The bitcoin converted into dollars, less than 60 seconds to complete.

Of course, for you, compare the pros and cons of debit cards, depending on your location and nationality. If you are an American, then the BitPay card is the biggest advantage.

For consumers in other countries, XAPO has proved that it is one of the best solutions on the market at present.

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