6000 yuan for bitcoin, more than 60 million yuan this year

6000 yuan to buy bitcoin, more than 60 million yuan this year! This is a true story. At the end of December 2011, a junior in Zhihu asked, with 6000 yuan in hand, what good financial investment advice do you have? At that time, a Zhihu authentication user blockchain (Babbitt, founder of Biyuan chain) replied, “buy bitcoin, save your wallet file, and then forget about the fact that you had 6000 yuan. Check it out in five years.” I checked that in December 2011, the closing price of bitcoin was US $4.7. If calculated according to the current US dollar exchange rate, bitcoin was worth 30.33 yuan at that time. RMB 6000 can buy 197.82 bitcoins. Five years later, in December 2016, bitcoin closed at US $963.4, equivalent to RMB 6217.97. In this case, 6000 yuan rose to 1.23 million yuan five years later. If calculated according to this year’s highest point, the 197.82 bitcoin will be worth about 61.32 million, which is enough for a family to eat, drink and play for a lifetime.

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