65 million dollars! The Speeter clervaux trust to BATS currency exchange

65 million dollars! The Speeter clervaux trust to BATS currency exchange

According to the Winklevoss twins today submitted a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents, they’s bitcoin trust (BitcoinTrust) has been listed on the NASDAQ to give up.

Apply and wait for after three years, the trust’s founder and investor Taylor and Cameron Winkelvoss have changed his mind, and to seek a listing of its products in the global exchange BATS.

It is worth noting that the Klein?? brother Voss also increased the size of the stock issuance, rose from $20 million to $65 million, a move that will raise to the highest price of retail investors.

If the SEC approves the request, the trust will become the first approved by the federal regulatory agencies bitcoin investment tools. At the same time, the Clay Voss brothers look forward to continue to move forward, it is reported that the trust is not the Winklevoss brothers in the market only digital currency investment.

Last month, their twin (Gemini) digital currency exchange announced online currency trading and Ethernet, will expand the scope of services to the UK and canada.

At present, Gemini trading at BTC/USD’s market share, far behind its rivals Coinbase and itBit, and this is no doubt that the exchange is striving for.

It is reported that bitcoin trust is the sponsor of the Digital Asset Service Co. Ltd., which was founded in 2013, located in Delaware limited liability company, and by the Winklevoss capital management limited liability company owned.

Community review

After this announcement, the /r/Bitcoin/ community soon started hot, the following are some of the members of the review:

Rybeor: what time is approved? What effect it has on the GBTC?

Jratcliff63367 reply: premium will be instantly evaporated, if there is a chance, the actual price of GBTC will be lower than the corresponding price of bitcoin, if people think that COINETF is an excellent tool for you (probably real-time price, it will track bitcoin and provide more liquidity).

When I know this ETF what will happen, I will sell all my GBTC.

Xcsler reply: Excuse me, if the underlying bitcoin prices continue to soar, the price of GBTC is still likely to rise. In addition, as mentioned earlier, who can know this ETF will be approved. It has been applied for many years, so far still could be a long time. Compared to all other assets, put money into GBTC or a little meaning.

Jmaller: what represents the $65 million figure?

Bitcreation reply: they have multiplied by the market price of bitcoin.

Jmaller: I understand, is not meant as time changes, they can increase more and more, the issuance of shares?

Chuckymcgee reply: Yes, and the two brothers have bitcoin more than anyone else to know.

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