$ 700 billion Senate Defense Act calls for block-chain network security research

nnThe United States Senate recently adopted a huge defense spending plan includes a Ministry of Defense will be implemented by the block chain research program, and submitted to the block chain technology in the Internet security and defense applications research report. Analysis of the technology in other countries and regions of the legitimate and illegal use cases. After the House has passed a similar block chain bill, the current need to do is unified laws and regulations.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The US Senate passed a $ 700 billion defense bill, which included a block-chain study of the decree, which was implemented by the Department of Defense.n
The US Senate passed a huge defense spending plan to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars for US military. Public records show that the bill includes an amendment, proposed by Ohio Senator Rob Portman, once written into the law, will “request the submission of the Chain Chain Technology Internet Application Report.”n
According to the official website of the Congress, before the final defense bill, the amendment has been unanimously adopted.n
The amendment describes the research project as follows:n
n”Block chain and other distributed database technologies applied to Internet defense and defense potential reporting, as well as other countries, extreme organizations and criminal networks using these technologies.”n
nMore information shows that the study may be published six months after the defense bill is written.n
But before the decree in the study becomes law, much more needs to be done. The House passed a similar bill in July, and now both houses need to determine the unified version and pass the audit.n

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