A bitcoin has risen to 220000. If you use home computers to mine, how long can you dig one?

After surpassing the peak in 2017 and breaking the $20000 mark, bitcoin has not stopped soaring. As of January 3, 2021, bitstamp market showed that bitcoin broke through the $34000 mark, setting a new record high. You know, as early as 2010, an American programmer bought a $25 pizza for 10000 bitcoins. Today, a bitcoin has risen to a high price of 220000 yuan. Such a surge has ushered in a new round of investment in the bitcoin industry. Affected by the depreciation of the US dollar, many overseas financial institutions are hedging inflation by buying gold and bitcoin. After the balance of supply and demand was broken, the value of bitcoin soared. At the same time, more and more funds are pouring into the bitcoin industry. Under such a cycle, the unit price of bitcoin is expected to exceed $40000. In this regard, many retail investors are also bewitched by high profits and want to invest in bitcoin. What’s more, the idea of mining with home computers has emerged. Not to mention whether the home computer can withstand the high load operation when the whole network computing power is as high as 139.61eh/s. If the home computer is used to mine, how long can a bitcoin be dug? Some netizens have calculated that on average, a home computer can dig out 0.0018 bitcoins a day, and it will take 556 days to dig out a whole bitcoin. You know, today, a bitcoin is worth 220000 yuan. Even if you pay 556 days of electricity costs, you will eventually make a lot of money. Therefore, this approach sounds feasible, but only if the home computer can run 24 hours a day, 556 days a day. According to the author’s understanding, no home computer of any brand has such performance strength. Moreover, mining requires relevant equipment to solve the mathematical problems based on hash algorithm, and the computing power is far beyond the capacity of ordinary home computers. Therefore, many retail investors will choose the market, by the display card array composed of professional mining machine to participate in mining. It is understood that the average computing power of professional mining machines is above 50th / s, and the power is as high as 3200W. But even if it is such a professional mining machine, also need more than 100 days to return to the original. Moreover, the price of a professional miner is as high as 10000. Obviously, this way of investing in bitcoin is not suitable for ordinary retail investors with a small budget. In addition, even retail investors with enough capital can hardly compete with financial institutions that are also involved in the bitcoin industry. Therefore, the author suggests that ordinary people who want to take the opportunity to invest should not invest too much. After all, bitcoin’s sharp rise and fall is the norm, so investment risk is high, and it is necessary to be cautious when entering the market. Text / DILIN audit / Ziyang correction / Zhiqiu

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