A bitcoin is equal to 100 million (Satoshi), by Cong Cong to pricing, it is time?

With a lot of Cong (Satoshi) can buy what? What can. You use bitcoin can buy goods or services can also use the smaller level units — buy Cong. A bitcoin is equal to 100 million Cong, in contrast, can be segmented Cong. But in order to use the popularity of this unit, the bitcoin community should start to use it to commodity pricing.

The scarcity of digital currency is relative. Many people only know that the world is only 21 million coins, so most people may never be able to hold the complete 1 coins. This is not what problem, because each bitcoin can be divided into 100 million Cong, but from the perspective of the market, there is a great hidden danger.

Most people have heard of bitcoin may know we don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin, but they do not know is that the exchange between BTC and Cong can achieve a large number of product pricing, from the candy to the guitar, without exception. Before that, we need to make more people aware of the existence of Cong and its application scene.

The world will be only 2100 trillion Cong, this is an interesting statistic data, but not for everyday use. But if you realize that 25000 is equal to $1, with pricing to Cong with more solid foundations. However, to measure the value of the dollar with bitcoin itself is a contradiction: whether in BTC or other tier two units as the pricing standard, they first need to get rid of shackles of legal tender.

Bitcoin wallet Samourai has taken the first step, the wallet had been removed from the legal tender price. However, a step that people have very little. Some companies choose to use mBTC to price, such as market data provider Bitcoinity and desktop Electrum bitcoin wallet. Usually only a diehard powder bitcoins and competitive currency traders on mBTC, bit and Satoshi these units well.

Cong is general bitcoin transaction fee unit valuation. Usually in bytes. There have been many bitcoin supporters repeatedly said that the hearing should not be limited to this application:

Against the pricing of goods and services with clever people will usually say that bitcoin price volatility is too large, 25000 dollar bills today, tomorrow may be 30000 or 20000 Cong Cong. The volatility of encryption currency does exist, but were not the case? In fact, in the long term, the dollar is not a good store of value:

Once bitcoin as the global reserve currency, everything will be priced to Cong. At the same time, not what can prevent the participant of the supplier, ecological encryption wallet developers and users to accept – Cong small transactions as the default unit.

At the beginning of the unified EU countries that use the euro, many businesses are also on commodities priced in domestic currency and the euro. Perhaps the bitcoin community should begin to take this step.

At the same time, the use of legal tender and wise to pricing can be the first stage, if all goes well, then the next stage will naturally go on, you will know what to do. At this stage we have to do is to start sending and receiving units Cong bitcoin. Journey, Cong popularity is no exception.

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