A bitcoin wallet is ready to support the isolation of witness

A bitcoin wallet is ready to support the isolation of witness

The BitcoinCore0.13.1 version has been released last week, which means that the miners soon began to support isolated signal witness (SegWit) soft bifurcation solutions. If successfully activated, isolated witness will bring many benefits, one of which is to effectively block the size limit increased to about 1.6MB to 2MB, depending on the block contained in the transaction type.

If the SegWit in the bitcoin network activation, users will be able to immediately increase the ability of network transactions if their wallet “ready to support SegWit. Therefore, the user wants to experience additional block space, a lot depends on the bitcoin wallet vendor.

In Github, there have been 25 kinds of bitcoin wallet said they will integrate SegWit. In order to investigate their progress, BitcoinMagazine interviewed a part of a wallet vendor.

state of readiness

Because the SegWit depends on the miners signal can be activated in the fastest case, but also to mid December before it can be activated in the bitcoin network.

Therefore, the activation of SegWit, bitcoin wallet left six weeks to update their software.

BitcoinMagazine interview bitcoin wallet vendor basically think that sufficient time. Some of them are even ready, and some have entered the final stage of preparation.

Recent infrastructure development company Blockstream acquisition of bitcoin wallet vendor GreenAddress are those who have already completed the isolation to witness one of the wallet to support.

LawrenceNahum and BitcoinMagazine developers in the speech said, as long as the soft bifurcation is deployed to the bitcoin network, GreenAddress users can immediately send and receive SegWit transactions. After that, he plans to purse was improved, other possibilities, further provided by SegWit such as MAST, Schnorr signature and lightning network.

Nahum said:

“I really want to be able to use SegWit with the benefits of. I think SegWit can bring better interchangeability and privacy, and I think this expansion is as important, even more important.”

For SegWit preparation, Nahum added:

The integration process is very simple. The desktop version, IOS and Android: we all have to support the main branch of Github wallet SegWit. Recently, we use hardware wallet (Ledger) completed some integration testing, to ensure the normal operation of.”

Most of the other BitcoinMagazine wallet also said the interview if they need to activate the soft forked, ready, at least not too backward. MSigna wallet and Ledger hardware wallet Ciphrex have been fully integrated SegWit. BTC.com – Blocktrail’s predecessor, was postponed because of integration, has recently been acquired, maker of the ASIC bit, but they said the integration should be completed in a few weeks. The famous Electrum desktop and Android wallet will be in the next time the released version of SegWit integration, is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Android wallet and iOS APPBreadWallet is currently being tested, once the network activates SegWit and confirmed to be safe, they will be provided to the user. Mycelium wallet said they had completed a part of the complex integration, currently only a part of the user interface in order to solve the problem.

Payment processing company Bitpay sure they intend to integrate the SegWit in the Copay and the new Bitpay wallet wallet but the company took a slightly more conservative way. BitPayCEOStephenPair explained that they only confirm this soft bifurcation after being activated, will start the integration.

“We are going to support SegWit. The support of the schedule will depend on the activation of soft bifurcation. But we do not know what time to be activated, so we don’t want to spend time now, if you need 6 months or even a year to activate the how to do?”

The increasing complexity of

In order to isolate as a soft branch deployment witness, BitcoinCore developers set a signature data reference. Although this does not make this solution is not safe, but it increases the complexity of bitcoin database, but for the wallet providers, increase their burden is not too much.

RubendeVries is a BTC.com developer and bitcoinjsJavaScript database maintenance personnel. In BTC.com, he still bitcoin PHP library the primary maintainer of ThomasKerin colleagues. DeVries said:

Bitcoin PHP is ready for a few months, Bitcoinjs is waiting for review and discussion, because there are some backward compatibility problems, however, we can prepare the fastest in the next week. For the wallet, technical change is very small. Look at the trade creation and signature, isolated witness adds some complexity, but not too much. In fact, only the whole node developers and project only have to endure the sheer complexity.”

Generally speaking, the developers believe that the SegWit wallet looks a little ‘Hacky’, but it is worth. DeVries said:

“I think SegWit will be” bitcoin 1 “; it fixes some problems, like” bug beta “.”

For Mycelium, DanielWeigl has completed most of the isolated witness integration:

“In the world of SegWit, when a new developer learn bitcoin, he (she) will encounter many strange obstacles, if you do not know the SegWit activation before the transaction and the block is what it looks like, so these barriers cannot explain. This let the new bitcoin more difficult to enter the already very complex topic. However, I am not hard bifurcation supporters.”

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