A brief history of the development of bitcoin

A brief history of the development of bitcoin

In the wild, our ancestors with shells, feathers, metal acts as a medium of exchange; the period of civilization, humans began to use unified coins, banknotes convenient circulation. The currency has promoted the development of economy, but even in modern society, technology developed, money can only circulate freely in a certain range. If there is a currency can not subject to government regulation, circulating around the world; without a central bank, and is not over! Whether it is the real shape of future currency?

In 2008, a man claiming to be in the Cong, paper expounds the generating mode of bitcoin. After a string of genius editing complex code, generating a set of special solutions have a finite equation, the formula for the parent equations is bitcoin. Since bitcoin is a digital currency mystery started to enter the public view.

This set of equations is about 21 million, which means that there are about 21 million bitcoin world. People get through bitcoin mining, it is the use of computer operation, the solution of equations. The world every day can produce 3600 or so bitcoin, the existing number of about 14 million 500 thousand. Bitcoin is of concern for more and more people at the same time, its value is to achieve a leap, in October 2009, 1309 bitcoin worth the equivalent of $1; but now, 1 bitcoin is roughly equivalent to $450, nearly 600 thousand times increase, how fascinating.

In the mobile Internet era, network virtual currency bitcoin can emerge in an endless stream one of the leaders. As the saying goes, fame portends trouble for men, fattening portends for pigs. The scenery behind the bitcoin life has been a mysterious color! In the public mind, first put forward the theory of “bitcoin Nakamoto” is the father of bitcoin, but are often out of the ordinary genius alone, the Nakamoto used a pseudonym, never show true colors, on the site on 2010, is completely disappeared in the public eye.

Based on the psychology of people for gossip, Nakamoto search work has never stopped. In 2013, the news leaked online: Professor Mochizuki Machi of the Kyoto University, is Nakamoto himself. The moon is really a true genius is not false, 16 years old, 22 years old entered Princeton University at the age of 33, Dr. reading became a full professor, in 2012 proposed the famous ABC conjecture. Although intellectual prowess, and a bad Japanese name, but the fact that the talented professionals are not Nakamoto himself.

But this did not prevent the people of the world to explore the truth of efforts, in 2014, once again the news came out, it was found out in the Losangeles mountain Nakamoto himself. But the first reaction of this Nakamoto is alarming, and clarify its relationship with bitcoin is not in front of the police. This farce that the parties denied settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

However, the story does not end there. In December 2015, the United States well-known technology magazine reported that the information security experts in Australia is likely to Wright is the legendary Nakamoto himself. In this regard, the parties did not make any positive response, investigation of the father of bitcoin again into a quandary. Dad is not found, but this did not claim the children still shine. From 2009 to today’s hottest No one shows any interest in, bitcoin, what is the charm?

No issuer, completely to the center. As a series of electronic code, the issuance and management of government control, completely free of the mechanism. The code is open to the world, anyone can spy on the world’s total bitcoin and transaction status. When the global financial crisis, banks face paralysis, appear artificially controlled IMF abuses, away from human intervention, completely exposed in the sun bitcoin is particularly valuable.

From the national government to limit completely. Bitcoin is a shared electronic currency, relying on the Internet, from national and regional restrictions, can be in circulation in the global scope.

From regulatory control, completely anonymous transactions. Bitcoin is to rely on the government, rely on the Internet and jointly safeguard development participants, eliminating tax extra expenses, avoided government regulation. Bitcoin obtained with the transaction in the virtual world of the Internet, without real name authentication, participants can maintain the privacy property.

A fixed number of scarce. Bitcoin equations, a number below 21 million, the number of bitcoins will not exceed 21 million. Its scarcity, so he will not lead to inflation in the real world as like other notes.

From the first not to be trusted, to gradually being accepted; now, people have started looking, bitcoin has become the mainstream of society in the future currency. And a new technology based on bitcoin — block chain technology, start the application in other areas. Block chain technology provides a complete set of transactions and payment solutions that use this technology trading activities, will make the whole transaction and payment itself becomes faster, cheaper, safer, and easier to use.

Recently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the use of online retailer Overstock.com bitcoin core block chain technology offering plan. It can be removed from the middle part of the stock, while the traditional stock issuance, the middle people tend to control the market. Based on this, bitcoin more reflects its value: an embodiment of “super operating system” of the “sharing economy” technology, will usher in a completely different times for us. The current bitcoin price of about $450 dollars, the RMB price of nearly 3000 yuan, in the second city, many workers a month’s wages may not buy a bitcoin. Bitcoin rising prices, investors became the eyes of the meat and potatoes!

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