A digital cat $1 million?! This game has caused congestion Fang Ethernet Application

A digital cat $1 million?! This game has caused congestion Fang Ethernet Application

Block chain applications can become simple and interesting?

In the etheric Fang appeared on the platform as an example, now, this has been used as a virus like Ethernet square community that it spread to the etheric Fang network caused enormous pressure. You can think of it as the Tamagotchi to the center of the game (Tamagotchi), CryptoKitties seems to be flirting with the new user’s nerves, it makes the etheric Fang is no longer boring, let it become more interesting.

The app uses Ethernet square block chain to create a public and sharing of digital encryption cat history, now it has become the application of Ethernet Fang platform is the most popular, users have to spend at least $3 million to take the cultivation, buy and sell goods in the game yesterday, the highest one digital cat is a record high price of $1 million. As of now, the digital cat average transaction price of $100.

However, this fun game is to block chain Ethernet network workshop caused no small pressure, making the transaction congestion state in the long term.

“Due to network congestion, our production costs rose from 0.001ETH to 0.002ETH. This will ensure that your cat was born on time!” In the twitter CryptoKitties team described the present situation.

It is reported that CryptoKitties in its short life, which has occupied 20% of the computing power network Ethernet workshop resources, and it still seems to be in growth.

This is certainly not the only culprit and etheric Fang trading lag, but as the etheric Fang developer NickJohnson pointed out, this is a major cause of Fang Ethernet network congestion.

Johnson told reporters:

“CryptoKitties is an important factor causing network congestion, it may have forced us to block close to full block state.”


This question is a bit ironic, etheric Fang is known as the “computer world”, it can carry large amounts to the center of the final application, or even replace the internet.

However, such a vision, a cat trading application makes the network becomes congested, seems to be surprising. In fact, this is due to the working principle of the chain block, each block chain transactions need to deal with all the network nodes, which limits the amount of calculation can be carried out at the same time.

This means not only a lot of cat transactions can slow the Ethernet square network, it will also increase the transaction costs caused by Ethernet network workshop.

This is not only the etheric square, it is a common problem and other bitcoin blockchain, scalability.

Encoding BorisKozak issued a tweet, he thinks this problem is well known, the etheric Fang has many solutions, including the state channel

Lightning network, division and Casper consensus mechanism (POS mechanism of Ethernet and other developers square Founder VitalikButerin Research), however, these solutions require a large number of projects are currently in the unfinished state.

“This crisis may also accelerate the expansion of the etheric Fang,” Chief Information Officer BlockTower AriPaul said.

From the bitcoin community developers have also expressed their views.

BitcoinCore contributor JohnsonLau tweeted ridicule road:

“We need to cash or etheric Fang, many kittens will be killed.”

Misfortune may be an actual blessing.?

In short, the etheric square community is a positive response to this problem.

As usual, do you think that CryptoKitties is a positive development of Ethernet square community, it depends on whether you support this agreement.

The etheric Fang supporters have reason to feel excited, because such an application shows the ability of the platform and the short board.

“I am pleased to see that the intelligent contract can be separated from the hype, and cultivate a variety of applications,” money & contract encryption (IC3) researcher PhilDaian pointed out.

Even on the etheric Fang founder Buterin digital cat game expressed appreciation.

Assume that the etheric Fang the successful completion of the expansion, then it may be a blessing in disguise.

MartinK founder Gnosis ppelmann Ethernet Application workshop? Echoed this view, he told reporters;

“If it is successful, even if it increases the transaction costs of Ethernet network workshop, it will reveal the weakness of current technology, it will eventually make the etheric Fang better. I totally agree with the experiment.”

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