A factor of five in 2017 is expected to promote the development of bitcoin.

A factor of five in 2017 is expected to promote the development of bitcoin.

The current bitcoin price compared to its 2015 lows, rose by more than 300%, and this trend will probably continue to rise. Five factors, this paper listed in 2017, will bring real value to the bitcoin.


Yours.org is the brainchild of RyanXCharles, the project aims to eliminate the monopoly. For example, Facebook, Youtube these companies, they rely on the public to create content to sell advertising to make money. Yours network enabled through micro payment, the hope that all content creators can use their creative works to get paid, and most of the potential profits to the third party payment. It is reported that the Yours team is currently testing the platform, and hope to open to the public in early 2017.


After the Internet entrepreneur KimDotcom in 2005 launched a MegaUpload content hosting and streaming media services, the site is closed due to the alleged violation of copyright law by the U.S. government to combat. Now, KimDotcom is trying to stage a comeback, its plan to launch the MegaUpload2.0, allegedly faster and stronger, not even close. The introduction of a website called “bitcache” micro payment, but its use is bitcoin. KimDotcom said he has 100 million user data the original version of the MegaUpload software, and is ready to launch MegaUpload2.0 in 2017 January to import all user data, he said this action will bitcoin prices to more than $2000.


The RSK platform (previously known as Rootstock) promised security function and bitcoin blockchain Ethernet Intelligent workshop contract together. The person in charge of the project is SergioLerner and DiegoGutierrez, the team received $1 million in financing at the beginning of this year, and launched a test version of the network in the last month. It is reported that the RSK team hopes to release the official version of the RSK platform in 2017. Due to the use of RSK code and etheric Fang is the same, the project might have impact on the Ethernet and the square, bitcoin raised to a new level.

Under the supervision of the bitcoin fund

U.S. regulators have been delayed approval of bitcoin fund’s footsteps, but with the big companies around the world began to participate in this process and will accelerate. Such as Germany’s Acatis, which is a wealth management and bank funds, the bitcoin has generated interest. In addition, Britain’s global advisory bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) has recently been approved for listing on the Channel Islands stock exchange. The United States BitcoinIRA, and XBTProvider in Sweden, all access to bitcoin in helping investors. Once these products showed some great benefits, hedge funds around the world will face pressure, they may choose to invest in a part of the bitcoin, otherwise, because other funds do lost customers.

The global

Now, bitcoin storm is brewing all around the world, Britain and Venezuela back in Europe and India on hyperinflation gold holdings limited…… This list will continue to. All of these events, to bitcoin is an attractive investment products, or a real solution. The point of bitcoin exchange (e.g. Localbitcoins and Paxful), their trading volume hit a record high. And this rising trend, does not seem to stop soon.

In short, in 2017, bitcoin ecosystem is expected to get more practical value.

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