A Frenchman committed suicide last year after transferring $500000 bitcoin to extremists, and the FBI is investigating it

The United States, which has always been known as the “model of democracy”, has been disgraced in front of the world by the Congress riots on January 6. At the same time, a record of bitcoin transfers that may be related to congressional riots has attracted the attention of agencies such as the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI). According to the survey, a French programmer transferred more than 500000 US dollars worth of bitcoin to various extreme right-wing groups in the United States last December. One of the most paid activists has been found to have participated in the Congressional riots. According to NBC reported on the 17th, a current and a former FBI official revealed that the FBI is investigating whether there are foreign governments, organizations or individuals providing financial support to extremists who carry out and help plan the Capitol riots, including the bitcoin transfer incident. However, in the “strafe” of US officials, Russia was the first to be shot. The sources claimed that “there is growing evidence” that Russia and other “foreign rivals” are trying to secretly support U.S. far right and far left political extremists. The FBI is investigating records of transfers that may be related to congressional riots, sources told NBC news. Chainalysis, a company that analyzes cryptocurrency transfers, found that a French citizen paid a total of $500000 worth of bitcoin to key figures and groups on the extreme right in the United States before the riots, the French newspaper 20 minutes reported. On December 8, 2008, the donor sent 28.15 bitcoins (worth about $522000, or about 3.37 million yuan at the time of transfer) to 22 different addresses, many of which belonged to far right activists, according to the report. Nick fuenstes, a “white supremacist” and far right podcast host, received the most money, totaling 13.5 bitcoins (about $250000). Fuentes was found appearing in the Capitol on January 6 and spoke at several trump supporters rallies in Michigan and Washington, D.C., last year. In addition, it was found that Fuentes had called on his audience to kill members of Parliament in a live webcast on January 4. Fuentes was found at the scene of the Congressional riots, illustrated by the relatives of the French citizen on the social networking site, who committed suicide the same day (December 8, last year) after transferring money to extreme right-wing people in the United States. The Frenchman, who claims to be suffering from severe depression, said he would leave his property to some cause. In his farewell letter in English and French, he expressed his support for “white supremacy”, “Western civilization is decaying” and “new crown pneumonia conspiracy theory”. The 20 minute editor tried to contact Fuentes via Twitter. Fuentes did not reply, and will be editing in a few minutes. French media said there was no evidence that the donation was actually used to fund the rally of trump supporters. The Frenchman would not have foreseen the ensuing parliamentary riots in early December. But NBC said U.S. intelligence agencies, including the FBI, are investigating the transfer. “We see this as a major international counterterrorism or counterintelligence operation,” Michael Sherwin, the federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., said at a news conference last week The current official told NBC that the FBI does not necessarily suspect Russia’s involvement in the bitcoin transfer. But he said the FBI would check whether these cryptocurrency payments were used for illegal activities, and if that was the case, there could be “money laundering and conspiracy” charges. Right wing groups and individuals who received the bitcoin transfer, chainalysis data, NBC added that the FBI’s counter intelligence agency is investigating the influence of foreign forces in the Congressional riots. In previous years, both the current and former FBI claimed that “there is growing evidence” that Russia and other “foreign rivals” are trying to secretly support U.S. far right and far left political extremists. This view has been circulating in academia and Congress for a long time. Some law enforcement officials and terrorism experts have said that the relationship between white supremacists in the west “and the Russian government has a long history”; some senators also asked the Pentagon to report “Russia’s role in ethnic violence extremist organizations and networks” to Congress in the 2021 defense bill, as well as the U.S. counter-measures. In addition, in a threat assessment report jointly released by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the police agencies this week, the media of Russia, Iran and other countries have seized the opportunity to “magnify the violent and chaotic nature of the Congressional events and slander the democratic governance of the United States” since the parliamentary riots on January 6. It is worth mentioning that while the FBI and other U.S. law enforcement agencies are trying to get rid of the pot, some American media have quoted evidence to reveal that as early as the day before trump supporters occupied Congress, the FBI knew that extremists were preparing to go to Washington to carry out “violence and war”. “Washington Post” said on the 13th that this information is the most obvious evidence so far, indicating that before the chaos, the intelligence agencies had made serious mistakes – they had the opportunity to stop all this, but did not take any action.

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