A large online entertainment platform DMM to accept BTC payment

A large online entertainment platform DMM to accept BTC payment

DMM.com, one of 19 million users online entertainment platform recently on its website mall channel launched bitcoin payment function. The function started since March 1, 2016, has been actively trying to millions of users.

It is understood that the United States is the DMM.com of the top 25 sites, the total number of users reached 19 million. This site mainly for the Japanese market, sales of online games, intelligent mobile phone, digital books, online English courses and so on. Recently, DMM.com through Coincheck and the local bitcoin settlement service provider cooperation formally to accept bitcoin payments.

DMM.com has a list of all products and services to accept bitcoin payment list on the website mall, the user can through the use of bitcoin to buy DMM now way to buy products and services. In addition, users can also use the coincheck bitcoin wallet to redeem DMM points. In the process of exchange users will receive a two-dimensional code containing payment information.

Coincheck in the official announcement revealed that DMM.com hopes to expand its services to other countries and surpass the Japanese market. 为实现这一目标,就必须为全球潜在客户提供更加全面的支付选项,比特币显然是最佳选择。 Coincheck also revealed that the current bitcoin trading volume in Japan is rising rapidly, the Japanese cabinet earlier this month by a bill in support of the electronic currency bitcoin become truly universal.

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