A man in Linyi under the guise of fraud for fried bitcoin 290 thousand yuan

A man in Linyi under the guise of fraud for fried bitcoin 290 thousand yuan

Linshu police recently uncovered fraud, suspected of defrauding others 290 thousand Yuan Yuan Mou was arrested. Yuanmou for others under the guise of bitcoin speculation, has defrauded Wang, song et al cash 290 thousand yuan, March 16th, Yuanmou suspected fraud criminal detention by the police.

Nearly 100 years of Wang is a resident, in the county of Linshu in 2016 July, he met in the street floor rent to rent yuanmou. Yuanmou called bitcoin speculation to earn a lot of money, Wang temptation, makes Moudai yuan bitcoin speculation. Wang will be 100 thousand yuan savings at home to yuanmou. Since then, Yuanmou months call, a king suddenly received a Yuanmou Yuanmou phone call, let Wang immediately raise $300 thousand, within three days, he even with interest noninstalment wang.

Wang listens, quickly find a song with his work, to fried bitcoin matters. The song had no money, heard fried bitcoin can earn a lot of money, a few days later, he will raise 190 thousand cash four. In late September 2016, the song and the friends Xiemou took 190 thousand cash to find Wang, three people together in accordance with the Yuanmou agreed to Linyi, will be 190 thousand in cash to yuanmou. Wait a Wang, song, the number of days after not contact Yuanmou, he felt something to the police.

After the arrest of Yuanmou claimed that 290 thousand yuan was fried bitcoin lost, but the police retrieved Yuanmou transaction list, let the face visible. Originally, the first time in Yuanmou Wang received 100 thousand yuan in cash, only recharge 80 thousand yuan, the same day he took out 78000 yuan. The second received 190 thousand yuan in cash in the evening, he only cost 35 thousand yuan, 3 yuan will soon turn out. In this way, 290 thousand Yuan Wang, song et al, were Yuanmou bitcoin speculation in the name of defrauding.

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