A new form of power consumption: dig bitcoin technology wave attack

A new form of power consumption: dig bitcoin technology wave attack

Previously, 2010

Yesterday in the “China Everbright data is not enough, ultimately depends on the deep development” in one article, mentioned in the cool room, built safe and cheap price place.

Although you can avoid the hot weather and urban heat island effect, away from the dangerous situation of terrorist attacks, malicious attacks, try to reduce the high cost of electricity.

This approach is not without worries. But it is not just stop here. Today Peter Pan will take you to sit on the plane glide glide thought.


First, the advantages and disadvantages coexist

(a) is a word

In fact, many power plants, substations and resources away from the city, traffic inconvenience or even few people tread. For example, too far too hard leading inspection, round-trip time is too long. Our idea, maintenance personnel will be a return to a day or more.

If you need regular maintenance room placed here, from the perspective of the use of more or less, there are also some inconvenience.

But often these places, relatively abundant power resources, but suffer from the channel capacity is insufficient, resulting in limited absorptive capacity.

(two) consumptive difficult

Li Zijun No. 1

Here is an extreme example, we are not in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other eastern coastal city of Beijing Tianjin Hebei or.

2016 wind power operation shows: the abandoned wind phenomena worsen, abandoned wind power 49 billion 700 million kwh , compared to 33 billion 900 million kwh in 2015 rose 46.6%.

Among them, Gansu, Xinjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Ningxia total abandoned wind power is 43 billion 300 million kwh , accounting for about 87.1% of the total wind power curtailment, equivalent to 2016 new grid capacity of 22.4%.

In February 2017 the National Energy Board issued the “2017 energy working guidance” proposed:

“Strictly control new grid projects in areas with serious abandoned wind power rationing”

“The abandoned wind rate of more than 20% provinces to suspend new arrangements for large scale wind power”

The power grid enterprise shall not accept The application of the new grid connected wind power project (including construction, approved and included in the planning of the project), dispatched institutions are no longer on the new wind power project in the new generation business license issued.”

Part of the project to suspend construction Has been put into operation, or in the construction of the transmission channel is mainly used for wind power project in stock .

(three) is not into, not out

So, my pants off you let me look at this?”

Money, a bunch of metal pieces on it a pity. Lean management can’t get.

So, how to use?


Two, forward and backward dance

(a) the traditional way

From the positive thinking , is to be planning, investment, engage in infrastructure and promoting security .

But the plan is to co-ordinate the investment is to balance the infrastructure takes time, security consumption only to have it’s a living, do not fully meet the market economy.

Li Zijun No. 2

For example, effectively increase the supply of clean energy for the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region, Hebei Province Bureau of energy to accelerate the Chengde wind power base in the two phase of the project construction work, ensure that all items in the end of 2017 the whole grid operation, and according to the construction of Zhangjiakou renewable energy demonstration area planning in Zhangjiakou, in order to promote the base of three wind power project construction work. No longer scattered construction of wind power project in Zhangjiakou and Chengde area.

The Energy Bureau of Shanxi province according to the construction sequence and operation line, by the end of the market and consumption peaking reasonable Shanxi wind power base project construction scale of the annual, orderly construction project. No longer the construction of wind power projects scattered in northern shanxi.

Yunnan, Zhejiang continue to promote the development and construction in 2016, no new construction scale.

[I know you not many people want to see this, after all, quite long]

Martin, you are a little embarrassed haha

So we think, how can I do?

Is there a way to achieve the power generation, transmission, power supply and even users win-win situation ?

Peter Pan through expert advice, open a brain, flash. It is!

(two) reverse thinking, change to treasure

1, room.

Far away a power station, it is just a room on the spot.

Remote areas have not rented out room, don’t worry. Can be used to dig bitcoin.

Not only a waste of electricity, but also increase our bitcoin work force, dug up the coin that is money.

Maybe it is a national policy of opening up, state-owned assets to another form of value! Hey hey hey

Bitcoin prices in April 12, 2017

In the case of the market fell slightly:

BITSTAMP announced the price display, bitcoin / $(XBT/USD) yesterday continued above $1225, the transaction is trading at 1220 highs Nichia disc dollar Upper。

KRAKEN announced the price display, bitcoin / euro (XBT/EUR) yesterday continued to rise to 1155 euros over the exchange traded at 1150 high Nichia disc Euro Upper。

2, the lease is force

What is more, the force is in the form of a lease rental remote.

The sense is through leasing joint mining, delivered most of the risks and rewards, even here can also introduce PPP model.

Chestnut No. 3 Jun

In Ningxia city centre bit cloud base industrial park as an example, the domestic large and medium-sized bit cloud computing centers are concentrated in the industrial park.

Peter Pan had in 2015 to Ningxia, vast land, abundant sunshine, strong wind, the temperature difference between day and night, especially sweet watermelon.

In Tibet and Sichuan, have been directly in the local construction of bitcoin miners mine, really solve a lot of local water abandoned abandoned electrical problems.

A few years ago Peter Pan to Daocheng Aden trip, the vast land, mountains and vast, transmission lines across the sky, high voltage transmission tower like sentinels, loyal and firmly standing on the road also met a few times a large truck carrying fan. Travel scenery is very beautiful, very shocked, but also hard.

It is conceivable that in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, Power Grid Corp need to pay how much manpower and material resources.

3, enticing

By the end of 2016 according to mainstream computing power estimates, the global bitcoin mine power consumption per hour more than 600 thousand kwh, 5 billion 200 million kwh per year.

2016, Gansu, Xinjiang, only Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Ningxia Province, a total of 6 abandoned wind power is 43 billion 300 million kwh .

You can imagine, “through a cable resolve many areas are not included in the energy situation, into the value of bitcoin , sent to the world.

In this way, not only reduce the waste, and received electricity, invigorated the assets .

In the channel construction in the long process, something that is not a short-term solution in the abandoned wind problem effective measures .

Similarly, if the economy is calculated through it, which in large cities around the power plant also can be achieved.


Three, the risks and opportunities

(a) have always worried about

Some people worry that such investment is too large, even a small mining results, countries may not allow.

In fact, the country is the need to prevent the transaction risk, instead of mining this thing itself, more not to deny the correlation based on the idea to carry out the development of science and technology.


In fact, the central bank has been working on the research of digital currency . Including the newly established China Digital Monetary Institute , and the central bank to promote the blockchain based digital ticket trading platform test.

Although not specifically bitcoin, but also in line with China’s national conditions and financial requirements of a digital currency exploration .

So if you do not intend to mining, can also be Do some research on cooperation and national financial institutions And, even Cooperation in electricity trading center .

(three) the far-reaching significance

1, as the central enterprises to join the team, from Hard power On the use of the inherent advantages, for the country Study on electronic currency contribution .

2, the future Electricity trading derivatives Sure to Financial product attributes The development, such as futures, commodities etc.. In the financial industry itself has been in the tide of science and technology change, Power Grid Corp if you follow the pace of the times, want to Diversified business It is absolutely necessary, in the moment you step out bravely, carry out Frontier exploration .

3, Electric power technology Itself, need to deploy strong advance The hardware and software capabilities Ahead of time, Study on Reserve , to better adapt to the wave of technology era.

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