A new record of bitcoin: global line ATM machine has exceeded 1000 sets

A new record of bitcoin: global line ATM machine has exceeded 1000 sets

According to the data provider CoinATMRadar, positioning and other encryption currency bitcoin ATM machine service at present, the number of global bitcoin ATM machine has suddenly reached 1009 units, located in 54 countries around the world.

The prosperity of the bitcoin market ATM

In the bitcoin ATM machine can be used in the world at present, there are 627 units in the United states. There are 138 units located in Canada ranked second; South Africa is the only one on the list of African countries have a bitcoin ATM machine.

A total of 12 China bitcoin ATM, respectively, Shanghai 1, Beijing 2, Hongkong 5, Macao 4.

In the bitcoin ATM manufacturers ranking, GenesisCoin to install 442 sets of ATM top second is Lamassu, the installation of 197 units, with 159 units ranked third GeneralBytes.

Therefore, the data can be seen, the United States bitcoin ATM up. Economic, monetary, population, disposable income and China factors are the installation of up bitcoin ATM reason. The United States in the next few years are likely to set up large bitcoin trading market.

In October 29, 2013, the world’s first bitcoin ATM debut in Vancouver Canada, the ATM machine made by American currency company, through ATM, Canada yuan in cash can be removed from the corresponding user according to the ratio of bitcoin account, can also be cash in the bitcoin account. In April 15, 2014, China in mainland China’s first bitcoin ATM (ATM) will be unveiled at a coffee shop in Shanghai zhangjiang.

Since then, bitcoin ATM rooted in the world, although the bitcoin ATM still has many defects, bitcoin ATM is trading bitcoin the most simple, because this machine is very similar to the usage and the traditional sense of bank operation.

Although the recent bitcoin transaction prices flat, but the growth in the number of ATM is very gratifying. In February 17th, CoinATMRadar said in the past week, every day there are about 4 new bitcoin ATM. That is to say, in 7 days time, add at least 30 ATM.

Last May, CoinATMRadar data show that the number of global bitcoin ATM 639. In just 9 months, the number increased by 56%. In 2014, the global number of bitcoin ATM operation is only 211 taiwan.

Last year, the global bitcoin ATM market report, Nigeria, India and Kenya and other developing countries to bitcoin ATM needs all kinds of ATM increases continuously, and promote the prosperity and development of the global ATM market.

The limitations and advantages of bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin area ATM will be affected by regulatory restrictions, after the world’s first bitcoin ATM Robocoin settled in Canada, want to enter other countries subject to regulatory restrictions, members of the Taiwan financial supervision committee “made it clear that Ceng Mingzong is not allowed to install bitcoin ATM machine in Taiwan, because bitcoin is not money, it should not are individuals or banks as payment instruments. The Hongkong Monetary Authority said it is paying close attention to supervision of bitcoin used in Hongkong and overseas, to determine whether it is necessary to take the following action. But this difficulty has been gradually overcome, Hongkong now has 4 sets of ATM.

ATM machine operators Robocoin business development director Sam Glaser (SamGlaser) said, operators will be their digital exchange account and Robocoin operation panel connected together. The use of Robocoin software in the account bitcoin real-time operation. At the same time, combined with the Robocoin palm vein scanner, ID scanners and facial recognition three authentication means that no bank teller machines. In terms of security, ATM through the virtual private network (VPN) is connected to the infrastructure. The Robocoin server cannot be accessed through the Internet, which reduces the risk of attack. Hackers bitcoin online exchange problems almost every day. In addition, because the computer itself is in a safe position, and therefore the possibility by physical attacks have been reduced to the minimum.

Now, in addition to some for commercial interests and the deployment of the ATM company, part of the private organization also began to plan their bitcoin ATM strategy. For example, the audit giant DDT (Deloitte) and Ernst (EY). DDT set up a ATM in downtown Toronto Rubix block chain department office, and then install ATM in Ernst & young Swiss Foreign Office, the purpose is to encourage their customers and employees to experience the process of bitcoin trading.

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