A number of bitcoin exchange stopped accepting new user registration

A number of bitcoin exchange stopped accepting new user registration

A large number of new customers request you to take their money, it may be all business dream sweet trouble. But now, bitcoin exchange has managed to reduce the load, to deal with this situation. Therefore, only a few new traders exchange options, because a lot of exchange house after house will be open to new customers registered.

Whether you are going to first explore the bitcoin world, or a senior investors want to try to trade in a number of different exchanges, you may have noticed now in many exchange accounts is not an easy thing. These companies are facing a large number of applications, and can not provide timely service support team. So many exchanges have temporarily stopped accepting new user registration, in order to be able to deal with the existing business.

Bittrex admitted previously reported complaints from users, and carries on the new registration decisions to explain:

“We are very pleased to have so many new users to join the Bittrex community. Unfortunately, we must make some upgrades to our support and back-end systems to handle the increased traffic load.”

CEX.IO in a similar way to explain the situation to suspend new user registration:

“Every day there are a large number of users registered in our exchange, this puts extra pressure on our support and validation team. At present, we have reached a crucial moment, submitted to our support team votes to become extremely important.”

Bitfinex also want to all registered users sent such information:

“We have decided to temporarily stop accepting new account registration, because we can not let the system flooded in a small new account submitted, and wreck we provide quality of service to existing traders.”

The decline of quality of service

Other exchanges although there is no clear stop accepting new user registration, but many people complain that they actually have not been registered for treatment. If bitcoin prices continued to rise has been registered in the waiting queue, the change is done you will feel very painful.


At the same time, so more quickly through the registration of new users will bring no small challenge to provide normal service exchange. For example, Kraken admitted that:

“Extreme drop operation and unreliable. Customers may encounter severe congestion delay, it is difficult to interact with all the web pages and API services. Request timeout and frequently encountered failure situation. At present, the only solution is to wait, and then try again.”

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