A week of explosion about 4000000000, “short” in the tragic massacre”

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10 consecutive days bitcoin rose sharply to the date when the maintenance of about $8100. In the past week, bitcoin prices rose sharply, was to break through the $8200 mark, this is bitcoin since July 2018 back to this point.

The bitcoin rose rapidly, many investors have said bitcoin exceeded expectations, in the eyes of many block chain parties, this is their long-awaited market.

This market belongs to the miners, mine and flight trading again usher in prosperity; it also belongs to the currency market Tun, they watched the wallet bitcoin value every day.

However, the market does not belong to the “short army”.

Bitcoin futures market is not a bloody battlefield. Investors estimate that in the past week, more than 4 billion yuan in the bitcoin OKEx and Bitmex air explosion.

“The bull market is on the ‘bear’ into the body.” one investor says.

A tragic situation

If you are a concern bitcoin futures investors, the past few days was not calm, the software market, keep out of warehouse explosion news to remind, “massacre” is.

May 14th afternoon, the website Todamoon BitMEX data show that bitcoin futures contracts in the past 24 hours explosion of $138 million.

In late May 13th 11, OKEx and BitMEX two platform bitcoin futures contracts in the past 1 hours of new warehouse explosion 13 thousand and 300 BTC turnover warehouse explosion is 2280.23 BTC.

According to the currency data of Coin, the OKEx and BitMEX two platform warehouse explosion total $190 million.

The morning of May 12th 9, OKEx bitcoin futures contract within 24 hours of the new explosive warehouse to 903 thousand, about 13 thousand and 100 BTC, has sold 773 thousand units of warehouse explosion Zhang, about 11 thousand and 200 BTC.

In the face of such fierce market, “explosion” has become the most frequent words. There are investors in statistics, the explosion within a week OKEx and Bitmex bitcoin futures contracts have more than 4 billion yuan.

“Warriors” is poured into the new.

“6000 is not empty?”

“6500 is not empty?”

“7000 of the total space!” Zhao Bin investors face a smile, he in the bitcoin price of $5800 will be more than a single flat, then open the empty, open contract in OKEx.

Zhao Bin most afraid to hear the ringing message, because the message content sent might be: “Dear users, due to volatility in the market, your BTC0628 short position has been 20 times leverage explosion.”

Zhao Bin reluctant to disclose how much loss, he said, the current BTC will replace all the BCH, and the “full warehouse spot”, do not touch the futures.

“I want to do the main band, did not expect a rise back.” Investor Yin Haotian watching the market reversal, also expressed frustration.

“In fact,” air force “is” in “, even in the most radical only $6000.” He said.

In fact a lot of ruin is the air force yesterday 6000 (USD) to empty.” Yin Haotian said, these futures contracts to earn two – game player earned both bulls make short.

He cited 100 BTC, an average of 5 times more, rose from 3500 to 6200, it is about 500 BTC, “from here to go short, there may be 1000 BTC.”

Why is the $6200?

“This is a” strong pressure “position.” Yin Haotian said that the 6200 element belongs to the chip concentration areas last year, bull zapan hit 6200 back into the bear market is in desperate resistance 6200, until the end of the year fell below 6200.

As a result, the strong pressure of $6200 with paper.

4 “false below BTC”

Yin Haotian wanted to open the lever sideways in the fluctuation of EOS, but this wave of change radically to him “confused me”.

“The market is deceptive from 5000 (U.S. dollars), has 4 false below.” Yin Haotian said.

Market forecast failure altogether.

“Currency manipulator,” analyst Huang belongs to see a “air force”.

On Tuesday (May 7th), Huang said: “you as long as the limited funds in the market on the line, time has passed more than goods. The price mechanism is transparent, flexible hedge, can not be unlimited, currency circle should be 8 play a long-term loss of 1 flat 1 surplus, choose a direction on the line.”

5 13 (Zhou Yi) 4 pm, Odaily Star daily, Huang Han, he said, 5 12 April bitcoin rise released the amount of days of history, the short-term bullish sentiment has reached the peak, if the amount cannot be normalized, the short term will gradually weaken the shock.

At that time the price of bitcoin is $7091, the next day the number exceeded $8200.

In the counter

If the army and the air force front pulled a long enough time, this battle in the early 4 25 April began.

Bitfinex long and short change over the past few days the proportion of positions

According to Todamoon data, Bitfinex’s short and long positions in 4, September 15 in a flat state, then is short to occupy the absolute position.

In the case of Bitfinex, from April 23rd 3 pm, has occupied the most short and long in a weak position.

5 8, the number of short positions in the 32406, in the long positions for the 18544, in short hand close to the bull in the double chip.

This situation was reversed in 5, and push the cross 14 October morning, is currently in the leading return.

“Air force” was down. “ Some investors said.

The short and long term financial circles is popular. The position, also known as the head lining, is money. The position means investors have or the amount of money borrowed. The position is a kind of market contract, the initial site commitment contracts, purchase contracts are long, looking up in parts, selling a contract for short, forward or in part.

In the virtual currency market, the word is more straightforward and direct. Bitcoin is the futures market gain profit in risk behavior.” Some investors said.

From the data, 5 Feb 11 to 5 Feb 13, “in the long” and “short in the” duel most time fierce shock.

The world’s largest trading market of futures and options, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) said, bitcoin trading futures contracts on its platform in May 13 reached a record high, turnover of 33 thousand and 700 contracts (equivalent to 168 thousand bitcoins), 22 thousand and 500 contracts in April last year a record 4 record high 50% turnover of over $1 billion.

In the virtual currency in the community, both the pictures tell the outcome of the duel.

In the community spread two screenshots, the protagonist in the explosion after the dissolution of forming their own group called single

At this time, the air force was the face of a piece of wreckage as if wakening from a dream, and tears.

The war has not stopped

“Likewise, really want to see.” The morning of May 15th, one investor said in the community.

The morning of May 15th 9, over the past 24 hours, the price of bitcoin as a roller coaster, from the highest to the lowest 8245 dollars, $7696 a day, the amplitude of 6.65%, with a few words, “enough to straddle the double burst”.

The main theme of the futures market change unpredictably, shrinking to visible speed.

OKEx and Bitmex on BTC virtual contract positions the total change data from $coin

According to the statistics of the OKEx currency coin and Bitmex two platform BTC virtual total contract positions in May 11th, the number soared in May 14th plunged, with volatility in the market, a part of the futures game player began to exit.

“I didn’t think that the bear market can actually engage in a bull market so strong.” Yin Haotian said.

“In the face of strong air force, army and navy are in the reduced slag, blow to the face, no trick is fireworks.” The image of investors Wei Ran early in the circle of friends made a “game” dragon fire fight, like in anger.

The fact is the opposite.

For the tragic loss of chagrin in short, leisure, discuss the causes of this round of market also changes, a general consensus is the admission of new funds.

Some people say that is because of the weaker dollar, Americans approach, an argument is Coinbase of the premium is too high, another argument is plate all the time in the evening time — the time of day Chinese.

Some people say that because Bakkt is on the line bitcoin futures products. 5 on the evening of 13 August, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler said, Bakkt is to promote real settlement bitcoin futures products, or will be in the 7 month test.

But in front of the ruins, everything has become the past, and the true war without bloodshed, no body, only a trace of tragic figures prove that the air force. Babbitt at the forum, a nickname for the stud is the stability of the netizen said that the bull market is on the short body into the,

The air force is preparing for the new, more counter is still brewing. “Bulls ready to enter, to revenge.” One investor said.

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