According to media reports of Antigua and Barbuda is drafting application bitcoin bill

According to media reports of Antigua and Barbuda is drafting application bitcoin bill

Antigua and Barbuda is located in the northern part of the Caribbean Lesser Antilles, is a member of the commonwealth.

According to local media reports, Antigua and Barbuda government is drafting a bill aimed at application of bitcoin”. The Antigua Observer reported that the cabinet has asked the justice minister SteadroyBenjamin “draft application bitcoin law”.

Allegedly, the resolution plan and online gaming giant CalvinAyre and claiming to be the founder of bitcoin “CraigWright.

According to local media reports, after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the AntiguaLeisure and GamingAssociation groups added, are currently discussing the bitcoin as a new transaction in the form of goods and services.”

After the cabinet briefing Thursday, Prime Minister EPChetGreene said the trade and consumer affairs:

“In Antigua and Barbuda, we know we have been standing in the front and center of new development; we are the Caribbean leaders, who set the trend.”

He also explained the national interest in bitcoin:

“This new currency (bitcoin) is not tampered with; you can always track and deal therefore, under the background of tax evasion in China spread, bitcoin has brought better liquidity.”

Antigua and Barbuda on Tourism driven economic development, the construction of some casinos, the Internet gaming industry is booming.

Greene also said: “this money is conducive to the development of Antigua and Barbuda Internet game industry, will also be required to alleviate the current.”

Effect of CraigWright and CalvinAyre

Last June, a news media, a combination of self proclaimed “bitcoin creator” CraigWright has a large bitcoin and block chain in the construction of the patent. He has already registered company EITCHoldingsLtd filed 50 patents in the United Kingdom by a Antigua. EITCHoldings originally called Ncrypt, after being acquired Sicavplc renamed Nchain.

The Antigua observer wrote, since the price of bitcoin “special benefit, its GDP growth many times,” this is totally wrong. Bitcoin is an open source code, is also used in the MIT license (TheMITLicense) this free software license terms, so bitcoin cannot be patented.

Moreover, a media file revealed that as early as 2015, Wright had plans to propose to the government of Antigua, will be accepted as the official currency bitcoin.”

He said in the proposal: “bitcoin is not only a kind of currency. Or the Internet industry’s new framework, new business foundation.”

Wright stood behind CalvinAyre. CalvinAyre is a wealthy Canadian entrepreneur, currently living in Antigua, has been the U.S. government sued, saying operating illegal online gambling business, although he is not recognized. Last October, he began a $25 million call center building in Antigua, said: “this is a part of their bitcoin blueprint and online games.”

The relevant media reports, the government is preparing a draft law involving bitcoin, Greene encourages the public to learn more knowledge of encryption currency online.

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