ACI and Payment21 cooperation with bitcoin payment solution of traditional commercial contradictions

ACI and Payment21 cooperation with bitcoin payment solution of traditional commercial contradictions

Payment21 and ACIWorldwide announced a strategic partnership, the payment service provider (PSP) can provide bitcoin payment legal services, because the bitcoin payment after the anti money laundering business (AML) acceptance of the provisions.

Now there are more than 56000 businesses can accept bitcoin

ACIWorldwide is headquartered in Florida, is a Clearing Corp to pay. It is responsible for the global more than 5100 companies with electronic payment services, including the more than 1000 largest financial institutions and intermediaries.

Every day thousands of businesses worldwide rely on ACI implementation of $14 trillion payment and delivery of securities. ACI in Forbes ranking on the market value of more than $2 billion 500 million, ranked forty-fifth in the list of America’s best small enterprises.

The company announced on Wednesday:

More than 130 PSP ACI network to provide services for the more than 56000 businesses, can now accept bitcoin payments.

ACI and Payment21 co Payment institutions and businesses to allow more efficient use of bitcoin payment to settle accounts, without the need for additional procedures.”

According to ACI’s announcement, “the solution includes providing bitcoin inbound payment and payment of real time settlement function in the world, thus speeding up the business cash flow.”

Vice president of ACI AndyMcDonald explained that this solution will enable their PSP customers to provide “comply with the provisions of AML bitcoin payment, and not to make their businesses face price fluctuations.”

The Paymet21 and ACI strategic cooperation

Payment21 focuses on enterprise business compliance requirements, partners and banking legal prerequisites”. The target customer is a listed company, licensed lottery company, wireless network provider, authorized investment fund and its banking partners.

Owns the Payment21 brand MovingMediaGmbh is the Swiss financial intermediaries, financial market regulation in Switzerland (FINMA) registered in the United States, a sales company (ISO). The company in line with European and international jurisdiction within the scope of global customer knowledge (KYC) regulations.

Payment21 general manager BernhardKaufmann said: bitcoin payment and Clearing Corp together, not only the risk of non payment, such as payment and payment delays also makes cross-border payment fees and other traditional commercial contradictions found the ideal solution.

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