Aegis wallet bitcoin payment to Google smart watches

Aegis wallet bitcoin payment to Google smart watches

Bitcoin wallet Aegis now supports Android wearable device – Smartwatches, become the first to join the Google wearable device Smartwatches wallet application. Although the Aegis Wallet Wear in Android limited function of wearable devices, but the appearance of Smartwatch is to provide many possibilities for the future of bitcoin users.

In addition, because it is a free open-source project, developers can use Aegis code in other projects.

The APP allows users to track the price of bitcoin wallet and balance, as well as the transaction notification prompts. If the user wants to receive the payment, the watch can also display two-dimensional code bitcoin address. But the payment function can not be used.

Aegis Wallet founder Bojan Simic believes wearable devices have the potential to change the industry, the user authentication technology into the mainstream.

In terms of security, Simic pointed out that the Nymi smart watch (Nymi smart wristband) to authenticate users by ECG, which is a focus on the safety of wearable devices an example. In the future, can only watch and glasses will be safer for users to keep money.

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