After a lapse of two weeks, bitcoin prices once again exceeded $4000 mark

IT home message in December 20th according to CNBC reports, bitcoin prices today rose 8% to $4032.

This is bitcoin after a couple of weeks once again reached this height. Bitcoin prices last reached $4000 level in 12 4 april. Prior to this, it has spent months relatively stable period, then began to fall.

24 August 11 at 16:20 GMT (0:20 Beijing time 25 days), bitcoin prices fell to $3970.43, more than the opening price of $4298.83 decreased by 7.5%. Before the cut-off time, bitcoin prices have fallen below $3800, $3764.66.

From the record high of nearly $20000 since December last year hit, bitcoin prices have fallen by nearly 80%.

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