After bitcoin plummeted, rose to $3800 price, whether a slap in the face to the candy?

After bitcoin plummeted, rose to $3800, whether a slap in the face to the candy?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! In the recent bitcoin plunged, can be said to let the currency circle of people are very miserable can be said to take Starving people fill the land. to describe much, the lowest price is more than $6000 from the price all the way down to $3200 price, this decline so many people suffered a lot.

However, 2018 12 June 19 essence 17 40 bitcoin price to $3816, can be said to be at the beginning of gradually picked up, but many people still think bitcoin may rise to $2 million price, even exceeded 2 million dollars. In recent years 2017 did this time, bitcoin price is very high, the highest price to 2 million dollars, but we don’t forget, bitcoin’s performance before we see is the price, a road in the fall!

As a spectator’s point of view if bitcoin bitcoin some time ago to $6000 the price fell to $3200, and now began to rise if it is like a we often hear a word is a slap in the face to the candy, so money circle of people will therefore continue. I believe the future of bitcoin potential? Sure it will, because many people are still very high price set with!

In fact, for bitcoin, many people do not have to care about what he called the future is to make money in the process to go through bitcoin skyrocketing in it, so simple, but there are too many people because of the burst of evil wind 2017 bitcoin scraper, a lot of people are still stuck in there. Then bitcoin is always in decline, the real people who own bitcoins can say many are fitted on the inside, it did not have much money from me to buy bitcoin population, we know that, as long as they can out, so no money does not matter, will not dare to touch!

Just as I see bitcoin when began to rise, ask a friend to hold bitcoin, he said that the price, compared to the decline it don’t have any hope at all, because of the relative, he entered the bitcoin market from the price of $17000, up to now waited for a year time, but did not see bitcoin really greatly rising trend, when he first entered the bitcoin market, is to hear people say the future of bitcoin can grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars, you think to enriched, who has been locked up to now.

Bitcoin whether there is a future at all? In fact, now digital currency market, digital currency appears more and more in our eyes, can see the price and other digital currency bitcoin price difference is very large, so if you really want to see bitcoin words from the angle of investment and other digital currency bitcoin to Bibi the advantage is much, because their price is very low, many people are able to afford. If so, for bitcoin want to break through the original price myth is difficult, because of a problem we should consider is the price of bitcoin must be real wealth to chase, the price to be able to imagine, when bitcoin reached $20 thousand and how many people have the economic strength to buy, after all, bitcoin audience circle is very small, for the life of our circle, is very narrow, it is enough to prove the future of bitcoin even up to a very high price, but also very few people can go, economic the strength to hold bitcoin, which limits the so-called bitcoin price myth!

For bitcoin or digital currency, what some of your opinions, comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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