After JP Morgan chase, Bank of Santander exit R3 and joined the new Ethernet square block chain group

After JP Morgan chase, Bank of Santander exit R3 and joined the new Ethernet square block chain group

The upcoming focus on Ethernet protocol Fang enterprise application initiative has announced the latest details.

The initiative is called enterprise Ethernet (EnterpriseEthereum), Fang said its founding members will include major financial institutions, technology giant Natural Resources Corp. According to news sources, to participate in the company including JP Morgan, Chicago commodity exchange, the Bank of Santander Mellon, BNY, Microsoft, CISCO, red hat, Wipro and bp.

Block chain startups BlockApps, BrainbotTechnologies, ConsenSys, Nuco and Tendermint as well as the supervision code creation process of non-profit organizations joined in EthereumFoundation.

Many of the companies listed above have expanded cooperation and etheric workshop, such as JP Morgan, has developed several projects based on the code library. It is worth noting that the enterprise seems to include the existing Ethernet Fang interests and previous related chain alliance in R3 block.

From the interests of enterprises and the development of the scale, the initiative is by far the most important. It also shows that financial companies interested in the etheric Fang platform deepened, although some interest in independent and public network compatible implementation.

In addition, the sources said, the members of the public square and Ethernet network planning permission or private versions of the relevant plan.

The news source said, I hope more companies to join the initiative.

The upcoming update

Last month CoinDesk reported for the first time, the goal of this work is to lay the foundation for development is mainly outside the public network Ethernet implementation workshop. (enterprise Ethernet Fang is more like a technical standard rather than a specific network or product).

Accenture, Brainbot, BlockApps, JP Morgan and red hat representatives declined to comment.


BlockApps JamesMoreau said:

“Issued an announcement in the near future.”

When BNYMellon, the representative also said the upcoming announcement.

The representative of CoinDesk said:

“BNYMellon is taking some steps to use the distributed technology books gradually, we are still exploring and participating in various initiatives, our measures may be announced in the near future.”

In the process of development, enterprise’s supporters said the plan to create the etheric Fang, a non-profit entity.

In addition, it is said that the enterprise will be based on Ethernet Fang membership model, focusing on integrated management, technology development and industry cooperation working group.


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