After the investment bitcoin storm earned, the teenager to do experiments in space

After the investment bitcoin storm earned, the teenager to do experiments in space

Bitcoin recently this time or alarming, has now soared to $4400, which also makes a lot of investment bitcoin investors flourishes, including a boy named ErikFinman, for these money how to use, ErikFinman will not be used to buy buy buy, but plans for space experiment and, the signature of the TaylorSwift CD into space.

Speaking of bitcoin investment, ErikFinman at the age of 12 when his grandmother gave him $1000 to $1000, this depends entirely on how to use ErikFinman, so he bought a bitcoin, in 2011 when a bitcoin price is only $12, over the years ErikFinman has not sell buy bit now with the currency, bitcoin prices soared, ErikFinman’s personal assets are on the rise.

In 2014 at the age of 15, ErikFinman proposed the idea to drop out of high school parents, sold $100 thousand worth of bitcoin, founded his own technology company Botangle, if he became a millionaire by the age of 18, his parents would not ask him to go to college. The fact that ErikFinman’s parents very supportive of his decision, in order to better business, he moved to Silicon Valley to live and work. In the meantime he was the founder of the company and co-founder Reddit AlexisOhanian has had several popular dialogue. In 2015 he put the sale of the company in 300 bitcoins, the total number of bitcoin holdings reached 403.

By June 2017, bitcoin prices soared to $2700, ErikFinman bitcoin holdings worth more than $1 million now, bitcoin prices have reached a staggering $4400, then his total assets of $1 million 700 thousand, which has been reached, he had promised that at the age of 18, the personal assets of more than 1 million.

ErikFinman said the next will be working with NASA for a space experiment, the launch of a satellite called ProjectDaVinci, famous singer TaylorSwift also presented a signature CD satellite into space. It is reported that the ProjectDaVinci satellite will be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

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