Amazon to accept bitcoin? Thousands of people have been to the CEO Geoff Bezos petition.

Amazon to accept bitcoin? Thousands of people have been to the CEO Geoff Bezos petition.

A recent Amazon customers directly to the Amazon CEO Geoff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) filed a petition, hoped that the e-commerce platform to accept and Wright currency bitcoin as payment.

The petition submitted by is the main request of the e-commerce giant to buy goods allowed for the use of encryption currency.

Amazon will follow?

This is not only the basis behind the petition in order to provide consumers with more payment options, but also let the Amazon in the purchase of promoting innovation and modernization process, because bitcoin and other encryption currency has been a lot of institutions accepted as a payment method.

The petition’s goal is to get 1500 supporters, has successfully obtained 1438 supporters. At the same time, Reddit also gave some support, some members of the community that Amason might not be concerned about this request, so in accordance with the terms of the past, Amason has been reluctant to support encryption currency.


Retailers are accepting bitcoin

Although Amazon does not currently accept bitcoin for payment, but other organizations in Japan have to accept bitcoin as payment, including airlines, hotels etc..

In fact, from the beginning of April this year, bitcoin has been more than 260000 businesses and retailers to accept a payment. In early 2016, the Japanese government regulators have to accept bitcoin as a legitimate currency. With bitcoin is slowly accepted by many institutions and even some countries, other e-commerce companies began to follow the trend is just a matter of time.

Although the Amazon official does not accept bitcoin for payment, but some bitcoin start-up companies have started offering can use bitcoins to buy Amazon goods and services for consumers, such as bitcoin startups can provide consumers with bitcoin discount to buy goods at amazon. Bitcoin venture company IPayYou also allows consumers to purchase goods and services in the amazon.

In addition, the bottom block chain bitcoin Amazon has been very interested in early 2016, AWS announced Amazon and digital currency group (DCG) cooperation for the company to build the experimental platform of safety chain block.

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