“American banker” editor Hochstein again “express” bitcoin

“American banker” editor Hochstein again “express” bitcoin

“American banker” has been the financial aspects of the daily since 1836, recently its editor MarcHochstein wrote the analysis report entitled “how I miss bitcoin”, think bitcoin has pointed out the direction for the global banking industry.

In 2012, Hochstein in an article entitled “transaction speed, low cost, bitcoin provides banking services” article pointed out that the new generation of digital cash system has emerged. Five years ago, Hochstein praised the ability of the bitcoin network trading at low cost and fast way, and do not need a middleman or mediator in.

Bitcoin to the center has remained unchanged, but the change of bitcoin is the cost and speed of settlement. Due to the explosive growth of the market and the bitcoin network, bitcoin average transaction cost has more than $2.5.

In addition, in some periods, the memory pool, bitcoin bitcoin trading settlement reserve in miners waiting for a large number of transactions awaiting confirmation of the transaction confirmation may take several hours.

However, the core principles and functions of Hochstein bitcoin are still optimistic, including dispersion, transparent and fair way of transactions and data transfer. Although bitcoin transaction costs could be as high as $2.5, but the bitcoin core development team transaction scalability solutions (SegWit) of the zoom solutions coming.

After all, bitcoin is a kind of technology, it is at an early stage. Like all of the block chain network, bitcoin is expanding and deal with the rapid growth of its users.

For example, in the past 12 months, the most popular and widely used Blockchain wallet platform adds more users in 2009 to 2016 for a period of seven years (seven million). Bitcoin transaction costs rise rapidly and completely ignore these complaints about statistics, these statistics show that the rapid growth of the bitcoin network accident.

Since the launch of bitcoin, to solve the problem is not the bank service fee is not high, the issuance of anonymous financial network. Financial privacy and cost benefit is a byproduct of bitcoin actual purpose. As MarcHochstein wrote, the main focus of bitcoin is to establish a comprehensive system of digital cash, this is a kind of digital cash system by censorship and decentralization.

Hochstein said, “the key about bitcoin is its censorship, I just found in the original post, I mentioned this money can be used to buy drugs in the darkness of the Internet, or sending money to the wiki decryption, can decrypt the main payment network on Wikipedia blockade operations. “

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