American couple $100 thousand for four cats may pay by bitcoin

American couple $100 thousand for four cats may pay by bitcoin

According to the “Washington Post” reported that Arcturus and Cygnus are two areas of the United States from Detroit star cat Arcturus, a spotted cat in Savannah, length 19.05 inches (about 0.48 meters). This fall, it just broke the Guinness record, becoming the world’s longest cat in the world. It’s my roommate Cygnus, a furry cat in Maine, length 17.5 inches (about 0.45 meters), its tail broke the Guinness world record on the long tail.

But a fire destroyed their homes, the two broke the Guinness world record of the cat home and the other two cats disappeared. Now, their owners a total reward of $100 thousand (about 663 thousand yuan) for the four cats, each $25 thousand, equivalent to bitcoin payment.

The cat owner WillPowers’s sister BrittneyPowers said, the reward amount reflects the importance of the cats to brother and sister-in-law LaurenPowers.

According to reports, 32 year old WillPowers Sunday morning found their home on fire, he immediately began frantically searching for the four cat’s whereabouts, but until he was rescued by firemen to also did not find any of them only. He took home a few doors are open, hope all the cats could escape, but the search for a nearby park and forest, found no traces of them.

“They put the cat as their children, cats are members of their families.” Brittney on behalf of the couple said to the media, they are confused in mind, not an interview, “they really desperate”.

Earlier this month, Will said in a talk show, the couple did not intend to apply for the Guinness world record for the two cats. They were two years ago with the word cat, then he made them more than ordinary food nutritional value of food. A year later, he suddenly noticed that the Cygnus tail looks unusually long, then took a photo on social networking sites. But the picture was spread quickly, and soon Guinness. They said, “Hey, we saw the tails”.

A team of Guinness came to their house to measure the Cygnus tail, noted Arcturus, and decided to take his body, found that it has broken the world’s longest cat records.

Brittney said, brother Will had expressed itself in social media bitcoin’s favorite, but in order to find their own cat, he would not hesitate to contribute their bitcoin. “These coins I have saved for years, but I am willing to contribute for all my children, even if only one of them.” Will wrote on social media.

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