Analysis of BTC (ETH) evening market on December 23

BTC market analysis: four hour chart; boll channel slowly flat forward, the currency price back to the four hour track above the operation. In the index of the figure, the MACD fast and slow lines continue above the zero axis, the dead cross tends to converge, and the red column shrinks continuously. KDJ three lines have a downward trend of convergence; overall, in the background of bitcoin’s current surge, the long-term bullish momentum of price has been established, and a new bull market has been opened. At present, in the process of rising sharply, the fluctuation of price will be very violent. In the day, bulls recovered some of the early gains, but the overall pie was still relatively weak, and the momentum to continue to break upward was not sufficient, and the trend of broad shocks continued at night. Eth market analysis: four hour chart; boll channel opened slightly downward, and the currency price was running under the four hour and average line. In the index of the attached figure, MACD fast and slow lines diverge downward again under the zero axis, and KDJ three lines tend to converge and diverge downward. With bitcoin, ether rose slightly in the morning, with the highest daily closing near $638. The line volume of the latest four hours can slow down and stabilize, and the future market tends to be flat. The rate is also likely to maintain a wide range of shocks The content of this paper is one-sided and time-effective, and it needs a firm offer strategy. Do a good job in personal risk control, do not take chances and take chances.

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