Analysts say bitcoin prices will reach $73000 in 2021. Where is the driving force

According to Alan masters, an expert in cryptocurrency graph analysis, bitcoin has enough fuel to continue its bull market journey until it reaches $73000 in 2021. After studying bitcoin’s longer time frame chart, the independent investment consultant shared his optimistic outlook for the flagship cryptocurrency. He pointed out that since November 2016, every time bitcoin / dollar monthly chart shows TD sequence signals, which has led to a bullish rebound. Bitcoin monthly chart TD series indicators even in the weekly time frame since March 2020, each TD continuous cycle (i.e., assets printing 8 or 9 consecutive candles in the same direction before changing their routes) has led to a rise in bitcoin prices. Masters called the technical indicator a “real deal,” suggesting that its historical accuracy could push bitcoin prices at least $44000 to $46000. “Bitcoin is clearly going through a parabola and there is no sign of stopping,” the analyst stressed in the report. Real bullish action has not yet begun, and masters’ chart shows that bitcoin is in a repeated upward pattern. For example, a weekly report highlights the downward trend in cryptocurrency after printing the eighth or ninth candle as part of the TD sequence. In the process, it tested its 21 week moving average as a support. Later, prices continued to rise. Setting the TD sequence and the 21 week moving average on bitcoin’s weekly time frame, the first such event occurred at the end of May 2020, and then again in August and November. At the same time, this pattern can be seen everywhere on monthly charts. The index released its seventh TD continuous candle in December 2020, indicating that the bull market will continue into January or February 2021. “When we look at volume indicators, we can see that there is clearly more space in the market,” masters added “Real bullish action has not yet begun.” The driving force of bitcoin’s rise

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