Analysts: the total market value of over $110 billion encryption market, bitcoin future ten years will gradually rise

After a weekend in the doldrums, the money market rose sharply today, encryption, bitcoin rose 8%, the total market value of the market has more than $110 billion encryption.

Currently bitcoin price of $3500, up 8% than before. Last week, bitcoin fell to a low of $3190, seems to be a low of $3200 as support. Bitcoin prices soaring today, although it is a good development, but also just let bitcoin prices back to the level of last Thursday.

In the 2018, the market is not the password below $100 billion today, encryption market rose slightly, the total market value from a week low of $100 billion to more than $110 billion. Although this trend is good, but there are still some analysts believe that the market will fall further encryption.

Oanda Asia Pacific Trading director Stephen Innes said in an interview with MarketWatch: according to the bitcoin recent price trend, he believes the encryption market in the near future will further decline.

Innes then added: from the perspective of the transaction, we should expect the encryption market will decline, until investors can eventually prove and determine the valuation. But in my opinion, even in the global market to cross asset game in the south, investors are unable to determine the intrinsic value of bitcoin.

Although the Innes of the recent pessimistic outlook, but he recently said in an interview with NewsBTC that he believes that cryptocurrencies will in the next 10 years gradually higher “, and that cryptocurrencies will continue to rise in the next 10 years, this is not for the love of bitcoin, but because of the block chain technology accepted.”

Bitcoin prices have contributed to the encryption of the currency market, EOS is currently the best performance altcoin. At present, EOS at a price of $2.37 rose 21.9%, much higher than the previous $1.78. Prices of EOS to the market value ranked fourth, is currently ahead of Stellar (XLM), the market value of more than $100 million.

XRP is following bitcoin prices, currently trading at a price of $0.31, or more than 6%. XRP seems to be in the $0.28 area to find support, far below the August 2018 record low of about $0.24.

Ethernet square current price is close to $95, up less than 6%. The etheric Fang recently hit a low of $83 in 2018.

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