And the emergence of bitcoin extortion, what will be the impact of bitcoin?

The last two days of global encryption currency signs of bottoming out, bitcoin from the lowest point of 3200 dollars, rose to nearly $3900. Online friends said it was because “Christmas rebound month”, but according to past experience, generally have a “retaliatory rise”, will soon appear sharp decline today, bitcoin prices have dropped to about 3778.

In bitcoin’s history, there had been many times using bitcoin blackmail case, especially in 2017, bitcoin soared year, there are many bitcoin extortion case. But even in today’s market, there are still blackmail events using bitcoin.

Recently, the United States and Canada in 13, the emergence of a large number of bomb threat emails, criminals asked the victim to bitcoin (Bitcoin) pay 20 thousand dollars (about 140 thousand yuan). The authorities said that these enterprises, government agencies and schools to the threat of email are not credible.

To be honest, as Turkey Gangster (Turkish lira). When the ransom may be better. The anonymity of bitcoin and other encryption currency, has become the favorite cyber criminals ransom payment. The Internet security firm Chainalysis estimates that from 2012 to 2017 the global use of bitcoin to pay the ransom money totaling at least $31 million (about 210 million yuan).

In addition to bitcoin anonymity, the biggest attraction is the rising value of past amazing. According to the bitcoin exchange Bitstamp data, $5 at the beginning of 2012 1 bitcoin convertible (about 35 yuan), at this time last year has risen to nearly $20 thousand (about 130 thousand yuan).

Bitcoin transactions in 2018 the lowest price to about $3250, down more than 80% from record highs. In the past three months, bitcoin has plummeted 50%. On the contrary, even as Turkey is affected by the economic crisis of the lira currency performance than bitcoin. The lira rose 30% since August.

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