Anonymous donors donate bitcoin help charity project “clean water program”

Anonymous donors donate bitcoin help charity project “clean water program”

Clean water project has been to “clean water commitment initiative” donated a large number of bitcoins anonymous donors to thank.

So far the bitcoin negative news a lot, but this is mainly due to cyber crime and dark network markets in its extensive use. But a recent deal put bitcoin and bitcoin community to break down the negative effect.

Clean water project is a non-profit organization dedicated to make arrangements for the international poverty areas around the world to provide clean drinking water and sanitation systems, the project recently received a huge bitcoin donations donation form. The organization in red Di posted a called “ThankYou” post, special thanks to 38.23 anonymous bitcoin the donation of $22900.

Clean water project on information:

“We don’t know who you are, but we are very grateful to you for the kindness of charity. If you are here, we want to say thank you to your face.

A large number of bitcoins today will give you full anonymity for a poor school providing safe drinking water and sanitation systems to clean.

We will soon determine the funding place (in Salaliang or Kenya), and in the bitcoin donations page detailing its details. No matter where you are, you can supervise us.”

A part of the clean water project as clean water has promised to accept bitcoin donations for a long time. Clean water has promised to use high-tech remote monitoring equipment, which can not only provide security for the need of drinking water, but also be able to keep on monitoring. The project to ensure transparency, the public can use intelligent mobile phone real-time access.

Clean water project to date from the 797 transactions of the Communist Party of China received 96 bitcoin worth more than $57000. All received these bitcoin has enough to support 5 poor areas of clean operation plan.

The use of bitcoin and other encryption currency is a widely discussed topic in the field of non-profit and charity. Bitcoin for nonprofit organizations from around the world to raise money to provide a cheap, efficient, transparent way. It also allows people to a small donation (micro transactions) without fear of transaction cost. Even the smallest contribution in helping the poor areas is also a huge role.

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