Another double Morgan Stanley and Yi Ruo, National Australia Bank from the R3 to

Another double Morgan Stanley and Yi Ruo, National Australia Bank from the R3 to

Reuters reported that after Santander and Goldman, Morgan Stanley and National Australia Bank also from the R3 alliance. Banks thus think of the same period added will not know what measures to take. But Reuters said, adding the first 42 banking institutions have expressed their willingness to continue to stay, and participate in the R3 project financing.

Reuters news reports, National Australia Bank (NAB, NationalAustraliaBank) and Morgan Stanley (MorganStanley) $150 million financing projects do not participate in the R3, and will be out of the alliance.

The two banks to join the alliance in September last year, at the same time to join the banking institutions as well as BankofAmerica, BNYMellon, MitsubishiUFJ, Citi, Commerzbank, DeutscheBank, HSBC, RoyalBankofCanada, SEB, Soci e t e G e n e rale, TDBank. The bank will take what measures?

Not long ago, Santander (Santander) and Goldman Sachs (GoldmanSachs) from the R3 alliance, and self initiated block chain project, with other organizations and the blockchain shares, such as digital asset holdings (DigitalAssetHoldings).

Block chain alliance more and more.

At the same time at the beginning of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have applied for patent block chain.

The concept of NAB and Gerbaud cooperation block chain global remittance proof development. Banks use the distributed technology to the Gerbaud Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) transfer of $7.6, and the settlement time is only ten seconds.

Recently, the Nordic financial group SEB expressed concern about the future of R3.

But the Reuters survey found that 42 members of the first to join the organization is willing to stay and investment.

R3 planned financing amounted to $200 million, later reduced to $150 million. R3 will sell 60% of the shares of member institutions. The financing stage, for a period of six months to a year. If the financing goal has not completed, will consider to attract other strategic investors, such as science and technology company.

R3 may be an independent company, to provide services for business owners. R3 holds 10% of the shares of the company, the operation time was ten years.

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