Another traditional investor was confused by the rejection of Bitcoin

nnnOn the sidelines: one side is the fiery ICO project, active investors, fluctuating currency, while the cautious hundreds of millions of net worth investors can not understand the block chain, the encrypted currency and choose to stay away from. But they are not completely involved in the field. Although these technologies have not been able to achieve the original commitment, but in accordance with the current market trends, the future potential is worth looking forward to.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBit currency deep into the traditional areas of investment, the market leader in the field also continue to stand their own, the product Wizards Dennis Gartman is far away. Gartman still can not understand the technical currency, so do not catch a cold.n
nGartman admits to appreciate the block chain technology, Bitcoin is quick money, but he will not touch.n
nGambler’s dreamn
nGartman said he was upsetting the price volatility of the bitter currency as the hottest new investment product.n
nn”I believe it is a gambler’s dream, but I will be away from it, I have been away from it, nor understand it, still do not understand.”n
nnGartman said, appreciate the bit-chain technology brought by Bitcoin, but the volatile currency fluctuates too much to make him invest.n
nn”Let me worry is that within a day fluctuations of 5%, 10%, 15%, 18% of the things may be the price mechanism. Bit currency price fluctuations so much, how do you buy a house? How do you buy a car? Do you buy Starbucks?n
nNo longer an alpha fightern
nTraditional asset investors continue to sound, by this new technology has never seen no longer become experts.n
nIt seems that this dilemma makes them afraid, hundreds of thousands of net worth of investors, Oak Tree (Oaktree Capital Group) co-president Howard Marks also like Gartman, said he did not understand bit currency.n
nVanEck and other companies even to avoid Bitcoin, but at the same time apply for exchange trading funds, investment in special currency derivatives.n
nNot as expectedn
nGartman’s understanding of Bitcoin seems to be based solely on its ability to be a currency, and he says that the currency is better than the dollar and the euro, but it is now impossible to calculate the currency.n
nn”One day we will go in, it will end, and it’s a bad end.”n

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