Antigua is drafting a new bitcoin bitcoin bill will combine with network game to promote economic development

Antigua is drafting a new bitcoin bitcoin bill will combine with network game to promote economic development

According to local media reports, Antigua and Barbuda government is drafting a new bitcoin bill plan “enable bitcoin”. The decision may be wealthy Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Al Craig Wright, and Australian entrepreneur called “bitcoin founder”.

The drafting of bitcoin bill

Double island of Antigua and Barbuda cabinet has been instructed the attorney general Steadroy Benjamin, “the drafting of the new legislation on the implementation of bitcoin, bitcoin law”. Antigua and Barbuda is located in the Commonwealth Caribbean east of Puerto Rico.

The proposal is on Wednesday with the Antigua leisure and Gaming Association after a team meeting on the. Antigua “Observer” magazine said at the meeting, bitcoin is discussed for the “new method” for processing of goods and services, it is necessary to introduce the corresponding bitcoin act to maintain the normal operation of it.

Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister EPChetGreene Thursday explained his country bitcoin interest:

“The new currency ‘bitcoin’ is the same in China; suspicion of tax evasion charges under the background, you can always go back to track transactions, so it can be better.”

Antigua and Barbuda is a tourism oriented economy, there are several casinos and the growing Internet game industry on the island. Green also said: “the bitcoin of Antigua and Barbuda Internet game industry advantage.”

The influence of Craig Wright and Calvin Aye

Reuters reported that in June last year, claiming to be “bitcoin founder” Craig Wright (CraigWright) has been applied in a large number of bitcoins and block chain patent.

In 2015, Wright proposed the “plan to the government of Antigua island using bitcoin as its official currency.” He suggested that the Antigua are as follows: bitcoin is not money […] this is the new Internet backbone and commercial base.”

Wright has also been a wealthy Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Al (CalvinAyre) support, they live in Antigua. Reported that in October last year Aiai established a $25 million call center in Antigua, said “this is a part of the bitcoin network and the vision of the game.”

“I see bitcoin, online games, virtual reality and game technology integration, such as the Antigua state will progress through the development of a truly global service industry to take advantage of this fusion.”

Antigua “Observer” reported that the government was prepared on the implementation of bitcoin law, Green has been encouraging the public to learn more about network security and privacy.

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