Any competitor will become nutrition bitcoin

Any competitor will become nutrition bitcoin

Continue to maintain an upward trend after bitcoin exceeded $3000 mark. After this happens in the crypto currency bifurcation and BitcoinCash official block a few days.

Bitcoin is the first and also has maintained a leading encryption currency. According to KumarGaurav founder Cashaa-Auxesis group said, compared with other encryption currency, bitcoin has the longest time to successfully complete the construction and mature.

This success not only can be seen from the continuous growth in the past few years, but also from bitcoin from the past of the so-called “crisis” in the speed of recovery seen. This bifurcation eventually become a positive factor in bitcoin prices, investors sold BitcoinCash, buy more bitcoin and competitive currency, and the first 100 kinds of encryption currency rose almost all (except BitcoinCash).

Gaurav see the other reason bitcoin also includes more traditional funds into bitcoin, bitcoin price itself attracts more investors.

He told Cointelegraph:

“Legal identity gradually increased, more and more media attention, more and more high availability and acceptance, and the original political factors given bitcoin popularity is stronger than at any time. In addition, the EU announced recently may freeze bank accounts to prevent the possibility of bank failures, which are reminiscent of the original reason for the first wave of promoting bitcoin soared — the implementation of Cyprus savings raid.

Bitcoin will reach $10000 in 3 years.

Gaurav went on to point out that when watching bitcoin early, although some of the advantages of only a small part of group support bitcoin, bitcoin is one of the most important for those who have problems in the system caused by the people of freedom, we can imagine the impact of bitcoin caused by organic structure and eventually embrace it now the mainstream media.

He pointed out that in the past few years, the price of bitcoin can be seen as a parabola, so in the next three years, bitcoin sooner reached $10000.

Bitcoin is not controlled by any person

Another bitcoin believers, BnkToTheFuture.comCEOSimonDixon stressed that bitcoin is the only one without any control of encryption currency, the security of the computer network by the world’s largest to protect, and have a good monetary policy.

Dixon explained to Cointelegraph that bitcoin faces many challenges, including the expansion of the problem. He pointed out that because there is no control of bitcoin, the next stage so it took 3 years to achieve the expansion of the solution dispute.

With more and more cases and more funds admission, through expansion, bitcoin can meet the huge demand.

Dixon also pointed out that bitcoin will certainly encounter more challenges in the process of development, and the community will further improve the scalability, solve more privacy issues and more community feel that other important functions.

More and more demand for bitcoin

About the soaring price of bitcoin, Dixon said we are bitcoin to new highs, because now have proved that bitcoin is really not subject to any control. Bitcoin supply will be more and more high demand to absorb, and bitcoin will become more and more useful.

He also said:

“I still see bitcoin alternatives (competitive currency) will continue to increase the value of bitcoin and prove that the money market is only one value of encrypted storage. Finally, people speculation and investment currency competition, but only bitcoin can be used as a store of value to lock them from competition in currency profits or losses.”

Dixon finally pointed out that the central bank and the government will soon recognize bitcoin may be wise in their balance sheet holdings, as financial institutions are now aware of it. These institutions will create alternatives and bitcoin competition, but these alternatives will be completely controlled, center and follow a similar to the traditional currency as the monetary policy, it will add more value for bitcoin.

He said:

“This type of financial innovation will only appear once in a lot of people’s life.”

Bitcoin is strong and diverse

For NetcoinsCEOMichaelVogel, ignore the market crazy and only basic principle of bitcoin will clarify its value proposition.

Vogel bitcoin described as a very strong and diversified encryption currency. He pointed out that bitcoin actually have a variety of cases, including remittance, online payment, store of value, Qu Kuailian application, clearly pointed out that bitcoin is not a fresh.

With bitcoin from free marketing and publicity of mainstream media get (know even the mainstream media propaganda is negative, it still helps people bitcoin), apparently, bitcoin is the gold standard of encryption currency.

3700 dollars in sight

Vogel the development of bitcoin is compared to the early days of the internet. Vogel pointed out that even if the Internet itself has experienced expansion to challenge yourself.

He predicted that in the near future, bitcoin will get a higher price:

Since bitcoin civil war has ended, I think we will see the July liquidation investors rapid admission. The famous Goldman analysts also predict bitcoin in the short term will reach $3700, now we are working towards this goal smoothly.”

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