Apifny CEO discusses the impact of bitcoin price volatility in an interview with Yahoo Finance

host: July 27 (EST) U.S. stocks closed, the main stock index fell. However, bitcoin has shown signs of rebounding recently, and on July 26 (EST), it broke through the $40000 barrier, the highest level since mid June. In the past few months, many organizations have joined the field of encryption. Let’s invite Haihan, CEO of apifny, to talk to us about his views on the drastic fluctuation of the special currency price and the future development of the encryption industry.

Haohan: First of all, thank you very much for your invitation. Recently, a lot of good news about bitcoin has been released. At the B word conference held on July 21, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and twitter CEO Jack Dorsey both said they still hold bitcoin and look like it very much. In addition, although the price of bitcoin has fallen short-term due to Amazon’s denial of accepting bitcoin payment news, Amazon’s recent online recruitment shows that it is recruiting the person in charge of “formulating Amazon’s digital currency, blockchain strategy and product blueprint”, which shows that it is very interested in the field of cryptocurrency, Amazon’s entry is good for the industry.
Bitcoin is dominant in the field of encryption assets, so any good news about the blockchain industry will have a positive impact on bitcoin. When the price of bitcoin exceeded $39000, more than $1 billion of short crypto positions were cleared. This is the biggest liquidation since bitcoin began to fall in May. In the past month, the volume of cryptocurrency transactions around the world has fallen sharply, with the volume of transactions on the world’s major cryptocurrency trading platforms plummeted by more than 40% month on month in June. However, trading volume has picked up.
host: We know that apifny is a digital asset trading network focusing on providing services to professional traders. How do you define professional traders and what are the differences between them and retail investors?
Haohan: Compared with retail investors, professional traders are not concerned about the price trend of bitcoin, because they are not only investing in bitcoin, but are more inclined to arbitrage through trading tools and strategies. For example, when bitcoin falls to about $29000, professional traders are not worried about the negative impact of the price drop on the bitcoin, because it is a good time for them to buy at a low point.
Apifny can provide professional traders with global order book and liquidity from dozens of well-known trading platforms around the world, which cannot be achieved by a single professional trader. The value of Amazon is to gather stores together and provide users with more competitive products in similar stores. Before the advent of Amazon, if consumers wanted to buy pencils, they could only buy them in local stores. Now, they can select the products they want from thousands of online stores. The same is true for bitcoin. The price of bitcoin varies among different exchanges, and the liquidity and trading depth of each trading platform are not enough, which leads to the failure of professional traders to obtain good price discovery and liquidity. To address this pain point, apifny has launched a simple, fast and flexible one-stop global trading and liquidity solution for professional traders.
host: Please share with us more information about apifny, such as the distribution of your team members and products.
Haohan: Recently, with the increasing demand for talents in the encryption industry, professionals are in great demand. We have been strengthening our team, which is mainly in the United States, but also in Singapore, Europe and other countries. In addition, the good news that apifny plans to go public by the end of this year has also attracted a large number of talents.
In terms of products, we have launched products and solutions based on institutional traders. If institutional traders want to make quick settlement between different trading platforms, they must open accounts and trade on different platforms, which not only reduces the efficiency, but also increases the cost. In order to solve this problem, apifny unifies the highly dispersed digital asset trading market into a global market. Users only need to complete one registration and KYC authentication, and then they can connect more than 20 trading platforms that have been connected to the platform through a unified account and API to implement the global strategy. In addition, we have mining business. In the future, mining related products will be issued to reduce the threshold of people’s access to bitcoin by means of token computing power.
host: When is apifny expected to IPO and will it go public directly?
Haohan: At present, it is not convenient to disclose specific details, but we will complete the listing plan by the end of this year.
host: Thank you very much for your sharing and wish apifny a successful listing.

About apifny Apifny is a digital asset trading network created for professional traders. It forms a global unified trading platform by connecting the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges. Apifny is the exchange of the exchange, providing professional trading customers with the best price trading services in the world and providing liquidity services for the exchange.


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