Apple co-founder Woz curiosity buy bitcoin now to make over

Apple co-founder Woz curiosity buy bitcoin now to make over

[TechWeb] reported on June 13th news, according to foreign media reports, bitcoin prices rising this year, last week is a staggering $3000 from investors, also a lot of profit, but little is known about the Apple Corp co-founder Steve Wozniak? (SteveWozniak) to buy bitcoin, but for curious.

Apple Corp co-founder Wozniak

Wozniak said in an interview Monday, when he because of curiosity and bought some coins, when he bought for $700.

Watts said that for some time he bitcoin interested, he wanted to buy some, but when the price was only $70, but the purchase of bitcoin must have a special bank account on a particular bank, so he gave up, but he was still buying coins, only but the price of $700.

But in an interview revealed that he just Wozniak bought bitcoin, as the number of purchase, he did not disclose.


On Sunday, bitcoin price of more than $3000, even on Monday fell 14.5%, the price of bitcoin is still as high as $2526.4, so it seems, he a bitcoin earned $1800, a profit of up to 260%.

Although he buy bitcoin currently is earned, but he also experienced a worried time, because not long after he bought, bitcoin prices fell to $350, he reached 50% in the bit than the loss.

However, he is not to buy bitcoin investment, he buy bitcoin is completely because of curiosity, just want to play bitcoin. Of course, he also admitted that the block chain technology behind his bitcoin interest.

But now more Wozniak, want to try to use bitcoin in restaurant and hotel shopping experience, with bitcoin consumer feeling. (blue)

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